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A Class In The Future

A Class In The Future

A few centenaries ago, “technology” was nothing less than a fantasy. Who would have speculated that we will be able to interact with each other without actually being there, or we would be able to know all about a whole another country at just the ease of moving a finger?

But today, we no more find these things odd or strange. Today, I, a student of class 9, am attending my classes, without being in the school. Do you find this surprising? Yes, sometimes even I admire, how far has science carried us? There was a time when writers used to write about virtual classrooms in their writings. Some people considered that such a time might come; others concluded that it was just a science fiction that will always exist in just the pages of the literature. But today, those personages are taking back their judgments.

I also like these futuristic classes, the videos are a great way of demonstrating constructions in geometry, slide shows are making the complexity of events of French Revolution clearer and the experience itself of communicating with a teacher on video conference is a very thrilling experience!

But the question prevails, what am I missing? I still haven’t met my classmates, face-to-face, I haven’t shaken hands with them, I still don’t know where exactly my new class is and many more numerous things which I can’t express via internet or this article.

All in all, I would like to acknowledge the fact of how my school is using technology to reach its pupils, how it is trying to connect with them. I would also like to thank my teachers who are trying their best to make our concepts clear by creating presentations, looking for suitable videos, and spending hours in front of their computer screens for us.

I would like to end my article and say stay home and stay safe and that this crisis will end if we unite in all our efforts.

Thank you

 Dhruv Pathak

IX – A

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