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Alumni Success Stories

Jaipuria gave me the confidence to explore different opportunities and a wide-angle lens to look at how to turn opportunities to my advantage. Through, Jaipuria, I had already learned values, techniques and leadership skills that still help me stand out from a crowd and balance academics with scouting career opportunities. Jaipuria inculcated in me a sense of practicality and maturity which has allowed me to keep going in times of adversity- something I am so grateful for.” My special regards to all my mentors and especially Principal cum Director Mrs. Manju Rana and my parents, who gave me the confidence to believe in myself and follow my dreams.

Mr. Shourya Vij

He is now working at the French multinational hospitality group Accor in Adelaide, Australia.
BATCH 2012

Good education is the foundation of better future! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all my experiences as an Alumnus. It gives me immense pleasure to say that I am a proud Jaipurian. I still remember the very first day when I came to the school back in 2012. I was very shy and reserved. From that day onwards, my teachers began grooming me. All my teachers were not only supportive but were also very humble. From being a shy student to turning out to be an outspoken person, my school has given me a lot. All those extra curricular activities, super fun “free periods”, and those “work-ex dramatic classes” made us enjoy the most of our school time. Then came the golden opportunity of being selected as the Deputy Head Boy of my batch. Many ups and downs came during these golden years of my schooling but my teachers and my mates were always there with me by my side. Whatever I have achieved today, is majorly because i was groomed by such amazing Gurus. I would like to extend my gratitude to all my mentors and Principal Ms Manju Rana ma’am for making me capable of achieving this milestone.

Arnav Mehra

Arnav Mehra is the Ghaziabad Topper in CA Intermediate Exam
BATCH 2019-20

I am lucky to be associated with Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. I spent ten years in school and those were the best ones of my life. The infrastructure provided by the school is exceptional. I consider myself fortunate enough to receive education from the best teachers one could ask for. The dedication and sincerity that the teachers show with each and every student are praiseworthy. I want to thank my school for the amazing opportunities that were presented to me. I got to improve myself in both, academics and co-curricular activities via several intra school and inter-school competitions. I truly owe it to my school for shaping me into the person I am today. Each and every experience has changed my life for the better. Special thanks to Deepa Sharma Ma’am for strengthening my foundation of  Computer Science and supporting me every time.

Prakhar Mittal

B.Tech: Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
BATCH 2014-15
Competitive programmer | Alexa App Developer | Google Assistant App Developer | Beginner Ethical Hacker

I’m Shipra Kanojia. I graduated in B.A (Hons.) with Applied Psychology from Gargi College, University of Delhi. I’m currently pursuing M.A in Psychology from North Campus, University of Delhi. I completed school in the year 2015. I’ve spent 11 wonderful years in this school where I was provided with a plethora of learning opportunities through scholastic and co- scholastic activities. Because of the life-skills imparted during my formative years, my personality shone out and I imbibed a spirit of sportsmanship spirit, teamwork and values which helped me to evolve as a responsible individual. It opened many doors in my professional and personal life through life-enhancing experiences. The school provided me with core values like altruism, which I inculcated through ‘Interact Club’, which is why I have actively participated in various community service projects. I am really grateful for everything that this school has given and I’m eager to give back to my alma mater.


After school, I pursued Bachelors with Hons in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce and then finished Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. Currently, I am working as a Data Analyst for American Express, since July 2018. My life at school laid a strong foundation for my journey ahead, whether it was having a strong grasp on academic knowledge and honing my communication skills or developing a ‘never-die’ spirit. It all started at SAJS. I am deeply obliged for the constant guidance and support offered by the teachers which helped us sail through the tough and stressful exams. Their unflinching faith in my capabilities motivated me to always step up for competitions, in and outside school, even when I was unsure of my own abilities. Even today, the love and care offered by the teachers here is so humbling. My journey outside school has always been backed strongly by my memorable experience at school.

Aditi Wadhwa

Apoorv currently works as a Senior Software Developer at Amazon, and is an alumnus of the second batch of Jaipuria’s Ghaziabad branch. He attended the prestigious Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, for his bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering.
At his workplace, Amazon, he has proven to be an able performer and won multiple awards. He bagged the first prize at ‘Amazon’s ISRT Hackathon 2017’ for developing a prototype software that reduces logistical bottlenecks. The project has since been adopted and has led to multi-million dollar savings for the company. He also won the ‘Flying Elephant Award’ for his contribution to a project that solved some of the company’s business needs beyond India.
These successes are hardly surprising, and are just a continuation of the multiple awards Apoorv won for the school in Olympiads and extra-curricular events.
Apoorv credits the school, its excellent infrastructure, and its faculty for having played a pivotal role in his career achievements. “Jaipuria allowed me to not just pursue my keen interest in Science but also accorded the space to explore the world beyond it. I was always encouraged by my teachers to focus not just on Olympiads but also on various debating and cultural events.” This helped Apoorv in developing an interest in dramatics, as a result of which he was actively involved with the Dramatics Club during his college years.

Apoorv Vikram Singh

I, Ankur Sharma, am currently a senior undergraduate student pursuing my majors in Computer Science at IIT Delhi. I was fortunate enough to get exposure to getting a quality education during high school. During my time in Jaipuria, I was able to meet and study with a diverse group of students. The competition over there motivated me to extend my boundaries, and I would like to thank my teachers who were there with me during the process. I excelled at most of the nationwide examinations and Olympiads during that time, while also learning to manage time for the Board Examinations along with preparing for different entrance examinations. I still remember playing football almost every day in the school ground, to de-stress and rejuvenate myself. All of these memories have shaped the person I am today, and I do not know what I would have done otherwise. I’m still in touch with most of my teachers and friends. Since I’ve come to IIT, I worked hard to be able to work at various places including Microsoft, MIT, and UIUC. I aim to apply for doctoral studies after this step in my life. Having said that, I believe that school plays a vital role in shaping the way we think, work and act in our future life. Hence, I truly thank Jaipuria, for being an integral part of my life and for making me the person I am today.

Ankur Sharma

It has been a long journey from reading about the Cellular Biology in school to actually being a part of the medical world. Being a doctor has been my lifelong dream and here I am – Harshita Goyal – a pre-finalist medical student currently pursuing Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBChB) at The University of Nairobi, Kenya. This is a vision about to come true, which I have been looking forward to, since my days in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School and proves what the famous Walt Disney rightly said- “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Harshita Goyal

I’m currently pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College. Getting admission into this college was a dream for me, since my school days. Now that I am about to complete 2 years here, I realize that there was a reason why I aspired for this place. I have grown not only as a person but also in the way I perceive things and look at issues in multifaceted dimensions. However, the foundation of it was laid in my alma mater, where I was given a platform and confidence to be an inquisitive independent thinker. I have my best memories associated with those red brick buildings. It was the knowledge, guidance, support and faith which I received throughout my 12 years, that I secured All India rank 2 in CBSE Class 12th, 2018.
‘Excellence is not being the best but about doing the best’. I have learnt that in life, what matters most are the efforts you put in anything you do. Both success and failure are parts of life and facing both is the true essence of learning. I always had my teachers’ support who taught me all these things.
The academics was great but more than that was the extra-curricular, which gave me a space to identify my potentials, likes and dislikes. All, cumulatively shaped me as who I stand for, today.
I aspire to be a civil servant and I hope I will achieve my goals. Whatever the future holds, if I will be able to give my bit to the society, I’ll be contented that at least I have put part of my learning into practice.

Anoushka Chandra

I am Anushk Kapoor, an alumnus of SAJS, Ghaziabad, 2012 Batch. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. I have 2 startups – one in the domain of education and other in the fitness domain. I joined the school in its very first year in 2004 in class 5th.
Not until I had to write this, had I thought about how my school life has influenced my career and life ahead. But now when I look back, I feel, we as alumni, either fail to or undermine the value of the education and morals that our teachers strive to impart to us.
So, I would like to share a few things that I have learnt in school that have helped me a lot in my life and my career.

  • Since the very beginning, I realised I was good with numbers and had a natural inclination towards Commerce because my dad is also a CA. School helped me brush up my theoretical knowledge whilst giving me exposure to practical training.
  • Leadership: Since the very first year, I was a part of the school’s student council. Dispensing my duties involved managing various events and competitions, which helped me imbibe leadership skills that have become the foundation of my role in my company, where I manage a team of 10 people simultaneously handling 2 or more projects.
  • A motivation for one of my startups: Since I was in school, I had always been there for my friends to help them with their problems and discuss about topics. This has been a big motivation for one of my startups named, ‘Ask Vanijya’, where I help Commerce students of class 11th and 12th with their queries related to various subjects as well as career choices.
  • Taking initiative: Our teachers and mentors at school have always encouraged us to take up new and risky tasks, even if we were not sure that we would succeed. I remember how in class 8th, I took up the project for making a descriptive working model of a hydroelectric power plant for the annual exhibition. All these things come to my mind again, when I take up new challenges and projects, which bring me to my second startup, which is a mobile based fitness motivation program to meet your health needs.

The school’s journey, undoubtedly, becomes an inexplicable part of the things that we learn in life. It is the pillar to our framework and the foundation to our success stories. What begun in school has not stopped yet and never will. What I am today is all that I have learnt till today.
I am a proud Jaipurian!!

Anushk Kapoor

Today when I find myself confidently walking among a huge crowd of confident and exceptionally learned people from all across India and outside, I look back at all the times I was ungratefully frowning at my school teachers while they were just trying to imbibe discipline and ethics in my personality. Becoming a compassionate MUNer and a United Nations V-FORCE leader, I owe it all to my school for making me a confident, aware and well educated individual. I thank every teacher and our respected Principal cum director ma’am, for helping me become an aware and passionate person, who can proudly say, that if I have to look back for support and encouragement at any time in my life, I can blindly trust my school teachers to be standing there for me.

Jayati Bhardhaj