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Autism awareness Month : Positive thinking

Autism awareness Month : Positive thinking

Autism is a social communication disorder that affects children at young ages. Autism nowadays
is easily identifiable and can be diagnosed at a very young age so that the children can get help
at early developmental stages.

Some of the concerns they may go through are as follows:

1. Sensory integration concerns (preference for some
specific food/colour/toys/shows etc.)
2. Difficulty to make/maintain eye contact
3. Discomfort in social situations
4. Difficulty walking
5. Challenges in prolonged sitting
6. Concern with loud voices/noises

These children are considered to have neuro-developmental disorders which fall on a spectrum (a range of disorders with different concerns) with a
number of concerns mentioned above or the child may also be going through some specific concerns which are visible/identifiable in his/her environment.

These children just like everyone else are unique and gifted with different abilities and talents. Some of them can be great musicians, mathematicians, models, film makers, animators, poets etc.The list is endless. These students and their families are celebrated through World Autism
Awareness Day which is celebrated on 2nd April of each year. This day is also called Autism Pride Day as these children who are equally innocent and talented get an opportunity to showcase their talents to the world on this day.

These children are generally very talented and are gifted in certain fields such as music, art, numbers, visual cues etc. Many famous personalities were considered to have these concerns such as Albert Einstein, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Dickenson etc. The above mentioned people
were not only excellent at their job but were also able to maintain themselves in the difficult times,Unfortunately in the present time, although awareness has increased tremendously, the acceptance of such children with special needs is a far fetched dream. Many parents find it very
odd for the children with autism or children laying on the spectrum of autism to be with their children in mainstream schools. The acceptance of these children is better in the case of children though. Children treat them very well and are always considerate and cooperative too.
We observe on an almost daily basis that the parents can be critical of the presence of children with autism in class but the classmates or peers of the children are very supportive and collaborative as well.

As an adult it is imperative on us that we help our children develop their own perspective of the world rather than imparting the ones that we have carried, since they may not be useful or fruitful in the upcoming years of evolution, scientific development and technological advancement.

A positive and supportive attitude and sensitized approach is all that these children look forward to from all the adults and peers around the world where they will be heard and understood by the community and accepted as they are.

Varda Jutta
School counselor

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