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Blog on Pre-Primary Curriculum

Blog on Pre-Primary Curriculum

We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School follow a child centric curriculum in pre primary which is in accordance with play way method. It is an activity and theme based teaching. The curriculum is designed to cater to the individual child’s potential and interest. Activities like painting, singing, dancing, storytelling, various celebrations and competitions provide ample opportunities to the children to develop and showcase their creativity. A variety of activities promote hands on experiences which are useful for learning. The activities included in the curriculum are morning assemblies, nature walk, swings, multiple intelligences (block building, puzzles, role play etc), very basic computer literacy programmes, smart classes, art and craft, festivals, special days, birthday celebrations, Grandparents’ Day, Graduation Ceremony and many more. The children are also taken for outings and excursions as it provides more valuable life lessons mainly because instead of being told something, children experience it. We follow unique programme, on music- Sangeet 4 All, to enhance their knowledge in music and develop love for it. Edu Sports is engaged with school to implement a best in class sports programme which offers physical activities like running, hopping, jumping, balancing etc which helps in development of different skills like fine motor, gross motor etc. The children take command of their own learning. Teachers are there to provide support and facilitate the child’s learning shaping their natural curiosities, interests and passion. Child centric curriculum is engaging and full of fun. Our curriculum helps the students and teachers to transcend the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital society. Our learning system is not just a curriculum but a unique, integrated approach to learning that empowers teachers to enable their students to be actively engaged in their own learning process. Workshops and professional development programmes are organized for teachers to develop their knowledge, skills and mindsets to facilitate learning in an environment that nurtures the intellectual curiosity and thinking skills of every type of learner, while simultaneously enabling their all round development.

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