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CBSE 12th Board Results 2022: What will be weightage of Term 1, Term 2 CBSE exam?

CBSE 12th Board Results 2022: What will be weightage of Term 1, Term 2 CBSE exam?

CBSE 10th, 12th Results 2022: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to release CBSE Board results 2022 for Classes 10 and 12 at any moment. It is expected that the board will release CBSE 10th, and 12th results in 2022 by July end. Reports also suggest that CBSE 12th results 2022 will be announced before CBSE Class 10 results.

What will be the term 1 and term 2 CBSE board exams in 2022?

CBSE conducted the class 10 and 12 board exams 2022 in two terms. Earlier, the Board used to conduct an annual examination system. While in Term 1, students appeared for objective questions, the Term 2 exams had subjective questions. Now, as the examination is over for both terms, students are waiting for CBSE results in 2022.

Students must note that final result will be based on both Term 1 and Term 2 results as well as an internal assessment. But what will be the weightage of each of the exams? The debate is still on. While CBSE has not released any official notification regarding, various reports suggest that 50-50 per cent weightage will be given to both terms. Talking about the expected formula for calculation of CBSE term 1, term 2 results 2022, Manju Rana, Director Schools, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Schools, said, “The CBSE introduced term 1 and term 2 Board exams in the academic year 2021-22 with a view to divide the syllabus into two parts and conduct the exams in two different formats. The objective type MCQs for term 1 was a new concept for students, while the term 2 included the usual subjective type format. The weightage for evaluating the final result is yet to be decided by the CBSE. I believe that both terms should get due weightage in the final assessment. Both exams were taken by lacs of students across India and involved the efforts of thousands of teachers, officials, and the CBSE. Students too studied hard for each term. These efforts should be duly acknowledged by including the weightage of both terms.”

Meanwhile, Arti Dua Kapoor, Principal (Vikhroli branch Orchids-The International School) asserted that 50-50 weightage will be given to term 1 and term 2 in order to release CBSE results 2022. Dua said, “While Term 1 was purely objective, Term 2 was a subjective paper. However, both carried equal marks – 50:50. As per the new assessment scheme shared by CBSE, the weightage for both the terms would be equal. In other words, the board would simply add the marks scored by a student in Term 1 and Term 2 and release the final result.”

Students demand Best of Either Terms Subject-wise

Students are running a campaign on social media with hashtag #BestofEitherTermSubjectWise. Large section of students, teachers, and academicians are demanding that the final scores should be based on their best performance in either Term 1 or Term 2 exams. The supporter for #BestofEitherTermSubjectWise claim that two board exams after online studies was not fair and as a means of relaxation, their demand shall be fulfilled.

Talking about the stress and anxiety students went through due to the pandemic, Rana said, “Students have been under stress due to the uncertainties regarding school closures, reopening, online classes, lack of peer bonding, and issues of socio-emotional learning and development. Understandably, they wish allocation of marks by the criterion that will help them score best. While it’s important to be considerate towards students, we must, at the same time, understand the limitation of choosing either of the terms as the measure for evaluation. In the MCQ format, the probability of getting a correct answer is 25% (given the four choices).”

“However, the subjective format tests a student’s understanding of the concept, knowledge, its application, and learning growth across the different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Therefore, choosing the best of either term subject-wise may be a little unfair to the students. Both terms must be considered to arrive at a fair assessment,” Rana said.

Give more weightage to internal assessments

Various Students have also suggested that more weightage should be given to internal assessments. As per their demand, a total of 50 percent weightage should be given to internal assessments and the remaining 50 percent should be divided between Term 1 and Term 2.

While the board has not revealed anything about the final score calculation officially, it had earlier said that equal weightage will be given to each term. In addition, the board decided not to fail anyone in the Term 1 examination.

What will or should be the criteria for the evaluation of 12th board exams?

While people have different takes on the evaluation criteria of CBSE Results 2022 and the Board is yet to release a clarification on the same, Harsh Gagrani, Chief Academic officer & Co-founder of Toprankers feels that the results should be based on the student’s best performance out of the two terms – considering their efforts both in Term 1 or Term 2. “In order to promote Competency-Based Education (CBE), CBSE adopted a new assessment method for the year 2021-2022, wherein the 12th board exams were conducted in two terms. Term 1 comprised objective questions (MCQ), and Term 2 carried the usual subjective (short and long-form) questions. The new format is in line with the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, with an aim to move the focus from memorization skills to elevating learning and comprehension of concepts. However, not to ignore the fact that this transition won’t be easy for students who have been accustomed to a certain style of preparation and exam technique. There is also a certain amount of confusion among students regarding the final score calculation and how exam marking will be conducted.”

Gagrani added, “Students who are already adjusting to ongoing changes in the mode of education since the onslaught of the pandemic have yet another change to adjust to. This ongoing flow of transition at multiple levels is likely to impact their performance. There also could be students who are otherwise higher achievers and sincere towards their studies but couldn’t score as per their expectations because of the new assessment criteria. Some have performed well in Term 1, while others have worked hard to better their score in Term 2. But getting a clear understanding of what is expected of them and adjusting to the new system is not easy and takes time, even on the part of institutions, let alone students. Therefore, it would be wise and in favor of students for the Board to consider internal assessments while preparing the final score.”

Who will get CBSE 10th 12th Results 2022?

In a live webinar ahead of the CBSE term-2 exam from April 26, the board’s controller of examinations, Sanyam Bhardwaj, informed that students who were marked absent in term-1 exams and do not appear for term-2 exams will not be allowed to take the compartment exams because “all class 12 compartment exams are conducted on the same day.” For class 10, the compartment exams are conducted in the time period of 7 days.

Students must go through the below-mentioned conditions under which they will receive their CBSE board exam results 2022:

  • Appeared for term-1 exams but absent in term-2 exams
  • Appeared for term-2 exams but absent in term-1 exams
  • Appeared for all papers in term-1 but fails to appear for 1 or 2 papers in term-2
  • Appears for all papers in term-2 but failed to appear for 1 0r 2 papers in term-1

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