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CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam analysis

CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam analysis

The CBSE board exam 2024 began for both Classes 10 and 12 on February 15 and the Class 12 Physics paper was held on March 4. Students said that the Physics paper was quite tough and lengthy, and the MCQs and case study questions were difficult.

“Overall, the Physics paper was at a harder level than I thought it would be,” says Parth from Cambridge School, Noida.
Kaushal from Bal Bharti School says the paper was not only difficult but that the MCQs were tougher than the JEE Main January session. He adds that it was definitely tougher than this year’s sample paper.

“The derivations were twisted and the case-based question from Semiconducters was difficult,” he says.

“Compared to the sample paper, it was easier,” says Yukta from Bal Bharti School.

“The physics paper was at par with the sample paper this year. The 2023 paper was easier than this year’s,” says Swati from Bal Bharti School.

“The MCQs were tricky. There were questions I found tough and they had no choices (OR parts),” she added.

“The paper was lengthy. There was no time to revise the paper,” says Divyanshi from Bal Bharti Public School.

“It was slightly more difficult than the sample paper. The derivations were tough,” she added, noting that the MCQs and Section C were the toughest in the CBSE Class 12 Physics paper.

Ayush from Cambridge School, Noida, said, “It was a very difficult paper. The level was more difficult than the sample papers, practice papers, and the past years’ questionss. I practised a lot of questions but the ones I was expecting werent asked.”

He said he found Sections B and C to be the toughest.

Yet another student from Bal Bharti said that the Class 12 Physics paper was complicated and nothing was asked from past years’ questions.

“Questions that weren’t asked in the past 10 years were asked this time such as resistance coefficient. Derivations were from repeated questiosns and the 5-mark questiuons were relatively easier,” he said.

He added that the paper was tougher than the sample paper and practice papers. He also found the MCQs tough.

“Derivations were doable but several numericals were asked, says Nidhi from Bal Bharti School.

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