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Citation Ceremony 2018-19

Citation Ceremony 2018-19

With the year nearing its end, the school observed yet again, the same annual spectacle where joy and grief are at their unique confluence- the crossroad from where the children can see a vast world beckoning to them to explore it and the in effaceable years of comradeship gone by. Seth Anandram Jaipuria school commemorated the Citation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of class XII, 2018-19 with great fervour on February 9, 2019.

The day began on a pious note with chanting of holy mantras in the ‘Hawan’. Blessings of Goddess Saraswati were invoked for the success of the students of class XII, appearing for Board examination this year. The ringing of the holy bells, blowing of the conch shell, sacred incantations, eyes closed in meditation to seek the power of this cosmic universe, all added to the auspiciousness of the occasion.

‘Hawan’ was followed by the ‘The Citation ceremony’ in the auditorium. The kindling of ceremonial lamp and the recital of ‘Vandana’ along with it marked the propitious advent of the event. There after the Principal cum Director, Ms. Manju Rana delivered a speech which was an amalgamation of grief for the impending parting from the students, delight at their promising future and powerful words of inspiration which instilled a new zeal and vigour among them to face the challenges of the life.

The speech by The Head Boy Mithil Aggarwal and The Deputy Head Girl Saniya Asthana outpoured their gamut of sentiments felt during the journey of school life from nursery class to class XII. Along with nostalgic reminiscence of the past, they enlightened class 11 students with words of wisdom to combat the imminent challenges the students would face the next year. More ripples of stirring emotions were sent across the students of class 12 with a display of video which was a trip down the memory lane- brought smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. The students of class 11 also gave their best to make the day of their seniors a grand one with songs and classical dance performances.

Next in the sequence of events was the much waited reading of the citations of the students by their respective class teachers. Pride was clearly visible in the aura of the students as they stepped on the dais to collect their citation from the Principal cum Director Ms. Manju Rana. The encapsulation of academic accomplishments, achievements in co-curricular activities and strength of their character, in their citations was a treasure bestowed upon the students to be cherished forever.

A few parents also took this opportunity to thank the organization and the teaching fraternity of Seth Anandram Jaipuria school for shaping the life of the students in a way one would be proud of.

A farewell song ended the heart-warming event though it was conspicuous that the end was only on a physical level as their hearts shall stay connected.

The school wishes the students a blissful and a successful journey ahead.




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