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Citation Ceremony 2022-23

Citation Ceremony 2022-23

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara celebrated the Citation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of class XII, 2022-23 on February 06, 2023. Both the departing students and every member of the school staff treasured the time they spent together during the citation ceremony. They evoke warm recollections of the tender, loving times that the students and teachers shared from the moment they entered the school’s doors with butterflies in their stomachs and dreams in their eyes.

While the Director Principal, Ms. Shalini Nambiar, explicated on some of her most cherished life experiences and encouraged the students through her energising words to perform well and outperform in every endeavour undertaken by them, the teachers read the students’ citations with great pride and glee. Ms Nambiar emphasised in her speech the value of believing in oneself and welcoming life’s path with open arms in order to go past mental constraints.

Radhika Bhardwaj, the head girl, and, Aryan Negi -the head boy, thanked all the instructors, the Vice Principal, and the Director Principal for their tutelage and sincere direction, which played a crucial role in forming their present and instilling in them virtues to guide them in their future.

Some parents used this chance to express their gratitude to the school’s administration and faculty for moulding the students’ lives in a way that they could be proud of. Vice Principal, Ms. Chetna Sehgal, presented a vote of thanks to conclude the programme.

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