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Citation Ceremony 2023

Citation Ceremony 2023

As you choose a new path to walk May you discover new treasures of life to unlock May all your endeavours reach fulfilment!” On February 13th, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Vasundhara organised the Citation Ceremony for the outgoing science batch of class XII, 2022-23. As the students braced to bid adieu to the portals of their alma mater, the warm and bright hues of the morning witnessed the nostalgic students reliving the fond memories of the times spent together. The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests from Thorengruppen, one of Sweden’s biggest and most leading companies in the arena of education – Mr. Max Elden, Mr. Carmen Angel, Ms. Daniella Ulusoy and Mr. John Sennström, who shared their learning with the students, thereby enriching them with their experiences.

The teachers read the citations of the students with great pride and delight while the Director Principal, Ms. Shalini Nambiar, shared her experiences and motivated the students to give their best in every endeavour and strive to be more than ordinary in whatever field they choose. Aryan Negi and Radhika Bhardwaj, the school Head boy and Head girl, and Nischay Malik and Tanishka Behl, Deputy Head boy and Head girl recounted their experiences and regaled the audience with their anecdotes. They proffered their thanks to the teachers, Vice principal and Director Principal for their tutelage and earnest guidance, which played a vital role in shaping their present and imbibed in them values to guide them in their future. On one hand, the fun-filled candid moments woven into a captivating video filled the students with a new surge of energy and vibrant enthusiasm, on the other hand the euphonious and graceful song and dance performances enthralled the audience. The event ended on a positive note with the blessings of the Vice Principal, Ms. Chetna Sehgal infusing the students with hope and confidence.

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