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Community Before Self



Katran – The Handicraft Hub is a school enterprise set up under the aegis of School Enterprise Challenge, “Teach A Man to Fish” in collaboration with British Council. The objective of this initiative is to make consumer durable products, making efficient use of untapped resources and catering to the needs of all sections of society. A team of teachers and students work together to make beautiful handicraft products which are sold by organizing exhibitions on the day of PTMs, Diwali Mela, etc. The capital earned is reinvested to continue the enterprise.

Communal harmony walk

Communal Harmony and National Integration Week is celebrated every. This initiative is undertaken under the Ministry of Home Affairs – Government of India. A rally is taken out by the Interactors with great zeal and enthusiasm within the school premises.

Blood donation camp by Rotary Club

In association with Rotary Club of Delhi Legacy- the school has been organizing a Blood Donation Camp every year since 2015.
World Polio Day – The Interactors took part in the World Polio day Rally as a part of Rotary International Initiative.
Blood Donation Camp with Rotary Club of Delhi Legacy along with an Inter House Art Competition on the topic “ Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” was conducted on the PTM days.

Helpage India

“Plight of the Aged”
An annual contribution is being made towards upkeep of the disadvantaged elderly by providing financial support to the elderly , who have provided their service and support to the society but now feel unloved and neglected at this phase of their lives. The school has made an annual contribution varying from Rs 80,000 to Rs 6,50,000 since the last five consecutive years.
Internship at AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical services)- Four students of the Interact Club went for a day’s Internship at AIIMS ,helping the elderly and needy at the hospital under the initiatives of Helpage India.
The school raises funds to provide financial support to the Help Age India foundation annually for the disadvantaged elderly. This sum of money is donated by the students and teachers collectively.

Global footprints – crossing boundaries

We, at Jaipuria provide our students with every germane acquaintance which helps, moulds and shapes them in a far-reaching way. They are the ones, getting exposed to all pitches and making themselves highly competitive and globalized. Being an ISA reaccredited school, students are given a wide dimension to think globally. They are made to work in collaboration with other schools in UK, France, USA, Ghana and Sri Lanka. Students from both the ends team up to work, thinking on the common platform and creating new universal dimensions. our talented and extremely bright students are aware of online programmes, they stay very active and enthusiastic to initiate and collaborate. They have been given a wonderful stage in the form of programmes such as E-pals, Oddizzi and British Council Schools Online via Connecting Classrooms, wherein the students from class V to X are dynamically involved sharing fantastic activities related to their society and curriculum online.They have their own access with their personal login IDs and passwords. These online activities have helped our students to explore the world. The entire exchange of E-mails and projects is done under careful supervision of their teachers.

Green School

In order to sustain the hard times, educational institutions carry a huge responsibility and play pivotal role in imparting the significance of 17 SDGs laid by UN. The school inspires and empowers students to be the Green Leaders and work tirelessly to reach these goals by embracing and designing curriculum highlighting the SDG in every step and move of the school. To implement the purpose ,the school has been working with various national and international organizations like WWF, Paryavartan Mitra, Saviors, Ministry of Environment and forest etc.


An NGO which undertakes relief , humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 21 states across India by recycling discarded clothes and household goods into useful products for the poor. The school, in association with Goonj, organizes initiatives like annual exhibit of their products at the school PTM ( Parent Teacher Meeting).
Visit at the Goonj’s Production centre , Saket and being a part of their “ Odh do Zindagi” , wherein woollen clothes were collected at large from the students of class VI to X , and delivered personally at the production centre with the 30 students of the Interact Club. The students of the school got the first hand information of the production process & working of the centre . It was an extremely nerve reckoning experience of how one can make a difference in the life of others through self less service.