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Congratulations to Malay Kedia on a Perfect Score 300/300 in JEE Main 2023

Congratulations to Malay Kedia on a Perfect Score 300/300 in JEE Main 2023

Best Play School in GhaziabadGreater The Effort, Greater The Glory

‘Success is the sum of small efforts being repeated day in and day out.’ Congratulations ! The tough grind and backbreaking has borne fruits. The pride of Jaipuria ,our wizard Malay Kedia always a promising student, with many milestones to his feathered cap, has dazzled the education world with his astonishing performance in JEE Mains by achieving a jaw dropping score 300/300 .Malay has set on fire by scripting history. The school humbly takes delight and is overwhelmed to announce his achievement.

Kudos to the Jaipuria Team and Proud Parents instrumental in his mentorship and perseverance. Fellow students, Teachers , staff and the leadership team , every hook and corner of the institution is elated at the news and is full of appreciation at his diligence and dedication. He proves to be a true amalgamation of balanced disposition and virtues required for such excellence. The school strives to imbibe similar standards in all its students. Malay has established that talent without hard work is nothing. This landmark in his career has inspired the entire student community to strive harder than hard. Conclusively,expectations and hopes are higher than the benchmark in his case. The school does make sincere efforts to coach its pupils with similar standards and wishes to produce more students like him.

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