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Creativity is the Key to Success

Creativity is the Key to Success

“The art is  an essential element of education, just like reading, writing and arithmetic….music, dance, painting and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”

-William Bennet

In order to support holistic development of students and make sure they get comprehensive exposure into real world life, we at Jaipuria school lay lot of emphasis on extra-curricular activities. We believe that they also add to the emotional and social intelligence of the students, it also adds to their ability to excel in academics. It has been proven through research that students who excel at extra-curricular activities tend to be superlative in other aspects of education as well.

In today’s world, the stress level for students is increasing due to competition, greater deal of rigor in academics & an overall increase in expectation from parents, teachers & society in general. In such times, it becomes imperative for us to make sure we impart the right amount of balance in the lives of children so that they remain in a positive frame of mind. Extracurricular activities are a big boon to help here.

Another important aspect where extracurricular activities play a crucial role is to help students discover their interest areas, things they are passionate about and hence act as a great platform for them to explore career paths different from regular academia. Great cricketers, musicians, photographers are born when given the right exposure to the world outside academia and we at Jaipuria school want our students to get that exposure so that they are able to realise their hidden talents and potential.

At Jaipuria school, we have different programs that children of various age groups can participate in to help in their holistic development. Some of the programs are listed below:

Project-based learning (PBL):

  • This is a compulsory one-week activity that students undertake for each subject and are also interdisciplinary in nature to work on a particular project assigned. One of the key benefits of PBL is that students get an opportunity to increase their knowledge about a topic outside the academic paradigm.
  • This adds to their general awareness acumen. Another important benefit of PBL is that it gives an opportunity for students to work in small groups; accentuating the importance of teamwork, a crucial skill set required to succeed.

Circle time activity:

  • Another important extracurricular activity that students undertake at our school is circle time activity.
  • Circle time activities are small focussed group discussions that students participate in.
  • These activities are essential to help students improves their spoken English and public speaking skills. This also helps them to learn from other students and understand & appreciate other’s perspectives.

Nature Walk:

  • We at Jaipuria school are proud to have a lush green campus, home to a lot of flora and fauna.
  • We use this to the benefit of our students by conducting regular nature walks for them.
  • Nature walk is a great way to understand the essentials of the world around us by being in the midst of them. Such walks are also essential to impart empathy in the students for other creatures on the planet and educate them about conserving nature and its resources.

Excursion/Trip based Learning:

  • We at Jaipuria school organise excursion/trips to local or outstation locations to add all aspects for learning experiences of our students.
  • This helps them get out of the classroom environment and promote out of textbook learning by visiting places like geological parks, historical monuments etc.
  • Such trips also reinforce the classroom learning and spark excitement to learn in the students.
  • It provides a cultural experience and allows lifelong memories with their friends.

To conclude, we believe extra-curricular activities are one of the essential pillars for overall development of our students and we will keep investing in forward looking, innovative ways to engage our students in such activities.



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