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Digital Resilience: A Student Journey to Cyber Safety Excellence

Digital Resilience: A Student Journey to Cyber Safety Excellence

In today’s highly tech-savvy world, we, the students, find ourselves immersed in a digital realm, seeking opportunities for learning from various platforms in diverse aspects. However, the benefits are closely followed by various risks. Cyber safety should be an essential aspect of every student’s education, empowering each one of us to navigate the digital world responsibly.

We can protect ourselves and perform our online activities responsibly once we’re aware and well-informed about the various cyber threats, such as cyberbullying, data theft, phishing, social engineering, and many more.

Awareness of the risks must be accompanied by the implementation of ways to prevent these hazardous digital criminals. We must protect our confidential data by crafting strong passwords, installing verified antivirus and firewalls and configuring privacy settings for all our accounts. We must always be vigilant enough to detect malicious activities in our systems and immediately inform our elders to seek help from the Cyber Cell in case of a cyber attack.

Cybercrime can have a great impact on its victim’s life. Online hazards like cyberbullying can result in psychological stress, and identity and data theft can lead to reputational damage as well as financial loss. Black Hat Hackers majorly target teenagers, as their manipulation techniques work best to pilfer our confidential data and use it for their benefit. We must make sure to never respond to fraudulent emails or click on unknown links.

A person’s digital footprint is the trail of information they leave online. It is essential to manage our digital footprint responsibly by being mindful before posting on social platforms and maintaining a positive online reputation. There can be long-term consequences to our online actions, as each click of our mouse results in a bit of online history that can be traced, and our crucial information can fall into the wrong hands.

In conclusion, students must traverse the digital frontier by embracing cyber safety practices. By instilling these habits, we shall pave the way for responsible digital citizenship, ensuring each one of us not only thrives academically but also navigates the online world securely.

Written by:- Advika Srivastava (XII-E)

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