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Each Day is a gift, don’t send it back unopened

Each Day is a gift, don’t send it back unopened

Living each day to the fullest extent possible isn’t as daunting as it sounds. The smallest of actions taken can change your life into an extremely happy and satisfied state of being. It is not about becoming complacent. It means you should be proactive and give inner happiness a chance.

Famous American author, Augustine “Og” Mandino II has very well quoted:“Each day is a special gift from God, and while life may not always be fair, you must never allow pains hurdles and handicaps of the moment to poison your attitude and plans for yourself and your future.”

We always search for a better tomorrow and in this illusion, we slip our today unnoticed and underutilized. We forget the reality and run for collecting materialistic things for the days to come. We keep on remembering the glorious past and gnaw at our souls never realizing that our unsatisfied present only will become our past one day. That’s the strange irony of the human brain. Only some of the brave souls can follow the sweet fact of’ LIVE and not merely survive’.
We humans never realize that happiness and sadness are just the states of mind that come and go now and then in our life. When its happiness flourishing in our environment, we never want it to end and rather forget when just a small weed of sadness pops up in our life. With a sudden setback, our will and courage suddenly vanish off from our minds and we cannot face the hard times with open arms. Isn’t the same thing happening during this lockdown period of Covid-19? We all know the situation and the repercussions we all have to face while breaking the rules, but still, some of us are going off the board. The HOME SWEET HOME has literally become a cage for many.
Your life become the same as you frame it. Do not be addicted in your wallowing happy past. Rather come out of the shell self-pity, self deprecation and cosmic injustice monologues. Remember, every problem carries an opportunity within it. An opportunity to learn better ways, find solutions and build a better tomorrow. Learn from your daily experiences, and use it to better yourself.

Student of Grade X- A.

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