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Emerging Careers & Role of Profile Building

Emerging Careers & Role of Profile Building

Workshop date: 21/01/2022
Hosted by:  Euphoria Career Guidance
Mode: Online
Venue: Zoom
Time: 01:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Target Audience: Students in grade 12th

Guest Speakers:

  • Inderpal Singh, Universal Business School,
  • Pankaj Gupta, Tribhuvan College-Nalanda University,
  • Mr. Maheep IsubitioMorangani, 
  • KanchiKhanna, Plaksha University,
  • AnjuDeoskar,Flame University
  • Rahul, Bennett University

A Webinar on the topic of “EMERGING CAREERS & ROLE OF PROFILE BUILDING” was organized by Ms. Roohi Dingra Founder & CEO at Raising Brands, Euphoria Career Guidance. This session was conducted to provide insights on excellent profile building and emerging careers of the 21stcentury. The speakers spoke about profile building, social, business, and soft skills and how to acquire them. They also provided information about the courses and programs offered by the respective universities.

Event Outcome:

The session was very informative and students were oriented on the social, business, and soft skills required for career growth and how to build an excellent profile required for the educational courses.  

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