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Space is a very exciting place. It’s one of our last frontiers. There’s a lot we don’t know about it and there’s a lot of it to explore! It’s an awesome experience to be out under the night sky. The dark night and expansive sky offer not just the feeling of mystery and spookiness but also peace and serenity.

Astrophotography is an activity that includes taking photographs of celestial bodies, such as stars, planets, comets, star clusters and galaxies, or events such as eclipses, transits, among others. These can be pictures of beautiful landscapes taken under the large expanse of unpolluted night skies, which may also include some planets or the Moon. Most of the incredible long exposure pictures of the star trails we are familiar with, or the 360˚ photos of the Milky Way, were also taken by astrophotographers.

Astrophotography often gives us an artistic view of the night sky. This is why it helps making so many people become more passionate about the universe. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School is always keen to launch new ventures in the school. Astronomy club is also such an initiative which was introduced in the school curriculum of SUPW or work education clubs last year. Many children joined the club from class VI to X. Few of them are interested in astrophotography also. Dhruv Shah of class X G has brought accolades to school with his exquisite stellar photography. His astrophotography was appreciated and his collection of photographs of astronomical objects and celestial events, was uploaded by SPACE INDIA, a leading organisation in the field of astronomy, on their website. Winning the laurels for the school as a representative in this field has inspired many other children to fulfil their desire of capturing the grandeur of the universe with a click and to take astrophotography as a career option too. The school is looking forward to more of such clicks from him and from other students as well in the arena of astronomy.

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