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Every Smile Matters

Every Smile Matters

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.”

This line by ‘Connie Stevens’ clearly states that SMILE is very important. In these tough times, everyone wears a mask. But let me tell you that your masks are not strong enough that they can hide your smiles. According to experts, even your forced smiles can bring you relaxation and happiness.

There are many benefits of SMILING. Some of them are as follows:

Smiling makes you look younger: Smiling makes you look attractive and youthful. The muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger. You’ll look younger and feel better if you smile your way through the day.

Smiling produces positive emotions: Smiling reduces the stress that you feel. According to studies, this is almost similar to good and sound sleep. Smiling helps generate more positive emotions within you. Children smile more, that is why we feel happier around children. On average, they do so around 400 times a day.

Smiling is good for your skin: Our smiles, even a fake smile signal to the brain that we are happy and safe, which activates the calmer side of our nervous system. This calmer side of our nervous system reduces the stress signals sent to inflamed skin, helping your skin calm down as well.

Some other benefits include reduced blood pressure; increased endurance; reduced pain; reduced stress; and strengthened immune system.

Now the question that comes to our mind is – ‘Does our smile affect others?’

The answer is a big ‘Yes!’

Studies have shown that when you smile, you appear more attractive and confident to other people because the physical act of smiling affects the part of the brain that regulates your emotions. Thus, your smile can change their perception of you.

One more amazing fact is that smiling releases neuropeptides to help fight stress. In fact, a fake smile can also release these endorphins. There’s evidence that forcing a smile can still bring you a boost in your mood and happiness level.

Here are some tips on how you can put a SMILE on your face:

Listen to one of your favorite songs; Think about someone who has had a major positive influence in your life; Feel gratitude; Cherish the sun; Call someone you love and tell them you love them; Drop any expectations you have in the world; Chocolate time; Do something crazy!; Lock the door, press play, and dance like there’s no tomorrow; Get out in the park, in a forest, or close your eyes and memorize the last time you went there;  Play with your children. If you are yourself a kid, play with your siblings or parents.

And always keep smiling for no reason!

Also if you see someone not smiling, give them one of yours!

Unnati Singhal
Class: 8-J

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