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Moving with purpose

‘Excursions provide constructive learning experiences.’ Keeping this in mind, the school organizes picnics and educational tours for students in every academic session. Through these excursions, students get the opportunity to explore their surroundings, broaden their knowledge spectrum beyond textbooks and enable them to think out of the box. Students go for day trips to adventure camps, cross cultural exchange programmes with Embassies, visits to National museums, planetarium, historical monuments and heritage walks in different cities, along with field trips to different industries and pleasure/outstation trips to wildlife sanctuaries or hill stations etc.

These experiences are long etched in students’ minds and provide valuable insights. All the excursions are meticulously planned to add fun and enthusiasm, as well as, give the teachers and students an opportunity to bond beyond school, away from the hectic schedules.

An outstation trip to Adventure Camp at Nahan, Himachal Pradesh and Renuka Lake

The Students and teachers of class VI to VIII visited Nahan Adventure Camp from 19 to 22 May, to experience the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The children participated in various thrilling adventure activities that were divided into two slots- Obstacle Courses like Bamboo Swipe, Double Rope Bridge, Mogli Walk, Terrolene Travers, Cammando Bridge and Suspension Methods like Flying Fox, Zip Line. Students even enjoyed an exhilarating trek to Lotus Pond, the highest point of Sirmour Valley, along with, training on how to survive in the forest with Survival Tactics like fire making, cooking food, etc. The informative and rejuvenating trip was fun-filled with bonfires and DJ parties during the evening. On the way back to Delhi, students visited Renuka Lake and Renuka Devi Temple.

Educational trip to Meteorological Department, Delhi.

Class IX students visited the Meteorological Department, New Delhi from 9 July to 23 July, 2019 for an educational trip to understand the observational network of climate, weather and satellite data. Three sessions on Central Hydrographic Observatory, Satellite information (SatMet), and Weather Information were conducted by Mr. Rajesh Maurya, Dr. Amit Kumar and Dr. Soma in the Weather Information Bureau.

Educational Visit to Mother Dairy

The students of class VI went for an educational cum industry visit to Mother Dairy, Patparganj, Delhi on 22 and 23 July, 2019 for gaining real-life understanding about the Process of Pasteurization and Preservation of Dairy Products. They witnessed the milk processing unit, watched videos on methods of pasteurization and techniques used for making different products, did hands-on experiments in the dairy labs, understood the process, as well as, the stages of milk processing at a dairy plant. Children were given information regarding the quality parameters followed while processing milk, briefed about the primitive and newer modes of milk collection or distribution. The visit provided experiential learning to the students and assisted in understanding the process involved in an automated and internationally designed pasteurizing unit while keeping in mind the hygiene standards.

A Visit to Junior Modern School, Humayun Road, Delhi

Students of class V participated in a German event named ‘KAATH’ organized by Max Mueller Bhavan on May 8, 2019. The event included a theatre play and an exhibit on various innovative creations of wood.

An educational trip to a German Youth Camp. Bhimtal

Students visited the famous tourist destination Bhimtal, Uttarakhand from April 23 to April 27, 2019 to participate in a German Youth Camp. The main themes of the camp were music and recreation. Activities included German Rhyme Creation, an event named ‘CARNIVAL’ and German KARAOKE (Self Composed Song).

Chail- Shimla- Kufri

The Students and teachers from class IX – XII visited Chail- Shimla- Kufri from 29 .05.19 to 04.06.19 to experience the panoramic natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh and enjoyed the exhilarating adventure activities conducted by trainers in Chail. Shimla, also known as the Queen of Hills, gave the students an opportunity to see a multitude of species of flora and fauna, along with, some rare species of animals at Kufri.


German learners of class X participated in a fun filled workshop on July 22, 2019 titled LET’S PLAY THE GERMAN WAY under the programme Go to Goethe whereby the students got the opportunity to explore more about Germany, German language and culture through various activities.

Visit to National Museum Delhi

An educational visit to National Museum, New Delhi was organized for the students of class VII and VIII, in order to, experience the myriad history and culture of our country.

Visit to Gandhi Smriti, Delhi

Around 650 students of class IV and V visited Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi, in lieu of, celebrating the 150th birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum showcases the legacy of Gandhiji.

Visit to Dr. Abdul Kalam Museum, Delhi

Students of class VII visited Dr Kalam’s Museum, New Delhi to have glimpses of his great life and achievements.

Visit to Nehru Planetarium, Delhi

Children from class VI to IX attended a workshop at Nehru Planetarium, Delhi to enhance their knowledge about stars, planets and eclipses.

Visit to meet NASA Scientist

Students of the Astronomy Club visited the American Centre, Delhi to meet and have an interactive session with scientists from NASA on September 30, 2019.

Visit to Waste to Wonder Park, NOIDA

Around 1200 students of classes I, II and III visited the Waste to Wonder Park, NOIDA to experience creativity at its best by using scrap material.