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Figuring Out With Mathematics

Figuring Out With Mathematics

Math is often studied as a pure science, but it is typically applied to other disciplines. For students to function in a global context, math content needs to help them get to global competence, which is understanding different perspective and world conditions, recognizing that issues are interconnected across the globe, as well as communicating and acting in appropriate ways.

It is important to understand how the math helps student make sense of the world, what in a student’s experience enables them to use the math to make contribution to the global community, and what math content students need to solve complex problems in a complex world. Then, the challenge is finding genuine, relevant and significant examples of global or cultural contexts that enhance, deepen and illustrate an understanding of the math.

The project “Figuring Out With Mathematics” held at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School was an In house activity but the students learnt a lot about the use of Math around the world.

The activities like Fun With Shapes where students of Primary sections brought various shapes cut from home and the teachers asked them to make anything of their imagination helped the students to explore their imagination and learn about shapes as well.

The junior wing presented activities like Stat-O-Scope, Model Making , Scrap Files on Currencies of the world. They also prepared scrap files on and Flags of various countries. They prepared scarp files and researched about the flags of the chosen countries and found out the area, perimeter, fractions of the colours used I them and their significance.

The activity was culminated with Jaipuria Mart where the students understood the concept of buying, selling, profit and loss .

These activities helped them to learn and various concepts of Math and also hone their organizational skills, problem solving, emotional skills and presentation skills.



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