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In the recent past, man woke up to a new reality overnight. An invisible enemy rapidly seemed to be getting the better of life as we knew it. The impact of COVID 19 pandemic was visible across the world. The world saw a new reality of everyone staying indoors and practicing social distancing. The Indian economy was just recovering from the after effects of demonetization, GST etc. when the new crisis flattened it again. The entire world came in the grip of this unknown strange virus. Everything came to a halt. It affected all aspects of life- be it economy, education, culture or entertainment. We had not even recovered from the loss and after effects of the pandemic when the second wave gripped the entire nation. Again, everything came to a standstill. A steep decline in the cases made everyone think that the war against the disease had been won. The negligence as well as the collective casual approach led us to ignore the threat of the second wave. The public lowered its guard, religious, political and social gatherings became a common sight, fueling a false sense of normalcy. Vaccinating the whole population will take time and resources.  Several experts have even hinted at a possible third wave. In this hour of crisis, I remember the famous quote of P. B. Shelly, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Let’s be optimistic. Always look at the bright side of life. Although it seems ill-timed to say that there is opportunity lurking around in a tragedy of such intensity. But the positive aspects of what we got out of this period can reduce our anxiety of being in trouble.

The first opportunity it gave us is a forced respite from our daily tight schedule. For years, many of us had not sat with our families, had not dined together or watched T.V. together. It strengthened our family bonds. The institution of family has emerged as a strong emotional support. It gave us time for introspection, yoga and exercise. Work from home made us technologically advanced. We were able to nurture hobbies which we hadn’t done since ages.

There are less vehicles seen on the roads. There is a clearer sky and birds are migrating easily without human intrusion. Animals are having a gala time roaming freely in and around human habitat like never before. The virus caused a dramatic decrease in industrial activities resulting in decreased pollution levels and greenhouse gas emissions.
Like everything, this too shall pass. The famous quote- ‘God’s mill grinds slow but sure’ inspires us to believe that God will give our days back. Things will get normal. Let the nature take its own course. However, act responsibly. Abstain from going out until it is absolutely necessary. Wear masks if you have to venture out. Sanitize religiously. With perseverance and discipline, we can overcome this virus. In these novel unprecedented times, let us believe that everything happens with a purpose. Let us look at it as a call to slow down, work on the self and emerge, once again, as better, more humane versions of ourselves.

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