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Good Outset is Half the Voyage

Good Outset is Half the Voyage

In view of current pandemic situations, many experiments have been done to make education, daily requirements, and necessities available to people. Governments across the world are trying to make the economy work, despite the need for off-and-on lockdowns due to fast spreading corona. In such a time students should also strive to give their best academically as well as in other fields of their choice. They should set their aims and work hard to achieve them. In contemporary times, a lot of technological help and study material is available at a click of the mouse. The only thing required is to formulate a plan to achieve set goals and work on them with single-minded devotion.

Technology with its pros and cons, there is a plethora of distractions to carry the students away from the path they have for themselves to take. There are many excuses for not working hard enough. But strong willpower is the answer to all these problems. Right from the discovery of the electric bulb to the success of the principle of satyagraha – it is all a game of strong willpower. It is a very strong driving force and has the power to cross all hurdles.

As future citizens of the world, the onus of shaping the future of humanity lies on the shoulders of students. A habit of setting goals and working diligently towards achieving them will go a long way in developing the courage to take on tough situations. Human willpower has already surged ahead of the challenges of the pandemic. Students need to inculcate this determination and strive to achieve their goals in life.

Aparna Singh
(Mother of Gauri Singh Rajput)

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