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Grade 5 Students Master the Art of Pani Poori

Grade 5 Students Master the Art of Pani Poori

The Grade 5 students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Ghaziabad recently showcased their culinary prowess by preparing a delectable Indian delicacy – Pani Poori. With enthusiasm and passion, these young master chefs organized a special tasting event for the school’s faculty.

The air was filled with the aromatic blend of spices as the colorful platters of Pani Poori were presented to the esteemed principal and teachers. Excitement grew as everyone took their first bites, and their faces lit up with delight. The crispy puris, zesty pani, and flavorful fillings created a burst of flavors that left everyone craving for more.

The event captured candid moments of the young chefs in action, showcasing their smiles, laughter, and remarkable teamwork. It was a testament to their growth and culinary talents, as they conquered the art of preparing this popular Indian street food.

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