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The world is a home to billions of people who differ from each other in various ways but are connected with each other through communication.It is the process of communication that truly makes a man a social animal as stated by Aristotle. For communication one needs a channel. That channel is often language. Having said so, one thinks about what is a language that connects the whole world? An immediate answer is English-the lingua franca of the present century. Realising this, it becomes imminent that Jaipurians who are the future of the world know how to understand English and to converse in it fluently.

With such a global vision, Jaipuria School Ghaziabad has always emphasized on honing the English language skills of its students and to do so, we have employed a number of ways both conventional and modern to make our children confident enough to use English as a language that is at par with the usage of their mother tongue.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School gzb has its own ‘language lab’ dedicated for this where we conduct extemporaneous activities, debates, story writing events, word building games and many more such activities that keep the children engrossed and make them learn the nuances of English with a play-learn method. It’s in this language lab that we focus on their pronunciation, word formation, intonation and chronemics.

We know that Rap music culture has recently grasped momentum in our society, so we learnt a lesson from there too. Jaipuria incorporated a rap making activity in the school to enhance and encourage our young musicians as the benefits were double. They are learning English utilising their hobby and honing both the skills.

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