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Two class 11 students Nihaal Chopra and Akshat Garg were nominated with a 15 day Industry internship program at IBM, Bangalore campus, from October 14 to 25, 2019.

During their two week enthralling journey they learnt about ideology, work ethics and Interesting facts about IBM like IBM is involved in every kind of industry or business except Rubber Gloves. Students attended Design thinking workshop and applied the learnt theoretical concepts while working in groups. They discussed individual, community and industrial problems and thereafter deliberated and presented solution in forms of plays and presentations.

Students also attended Session on data wherein they learnt that conference any data which has Velocity, Variety, Volume and Veracity can be called a firm data and many more concepts relating to data and data analysis. The session was followed by another Session on Intellectual Property which talked majorly about patents and copyrights, how they work, how some innovation or discovery can be patented. Discussion on IBM Cloud was also attended by the interns – Mentors from IBM gave insight about how cloud is being used in the cooperate world for storage of data

Visiting Apple Garage was a fantastic learning opportunity for the interns as they got to know how IBM uses their different tools to code for their projects. They were briefed about of the IBMS projects which included an application for smart Hyundai cars, an application that allows the costumer to try glass frames using their mobiles

Students were fortunate enough to have attended the Session on quantum computing. They appreciated most powerful quantum computer by IBM – “IBM summit” that can perform up to 13 trillion calculations in a second, by using IBM’s power 9 processors, NVIDIA’s GPU’S.

Use case and IOT discussion were the most fascinating part of this journey. Usecase like Chat Bots, Intelligent Search and Visual Recognition were discussed at length. With the help of Mentoring and handholding provided by IBM expert mentors students were able to design projects like Chat Bots, and projects based on based on Intelligent Search using Watson services and IBM Cloud. Session on how to behave while presenting a product and pitch a client were also very helpful

Project was presented before panel of dignitaries headed by Mr.Ramanan Ramanathan (mission director, AIM).

As soft skill is an integral part of a successful individual. Session on soft skills were also organized and taken in true spirit – Visit to IBM Data Centre and witnessing the servers, the wiring, the hard wares, and the processors was a breath taking experience As “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so students ventured out to a city tour in Bangalore, covering Bull Temple, Vidhana Soudha, visit to Srirangapatna and Mysore Palace etc.

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