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If Lockdown Wasn’t There…

If Lockdown Wasn’t There…

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We were all set for a new year expecting everything to be normal again, i.e., a world free from the corona. As we all know that in 2020 a new-born disease COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and was quite destructive. The world was paused for a few months, countries were under lockdown. For me, this COVID-19 was just a baby who was malnourished and will die soon. But who knew that this baby of a few months will lock us at our places, not for taking care of him but of ourselves.


This pandemic destroyed billions of families; millions of people lost their lives. It was not an easy time to be in lockdown. People were then in depression and were frustrated. Along with countries, streets, and markets human souls were also down. Many of us lost our jobs and the hope of being alive. Though there were many advantages of this lockdown, people did not realize it as they were mentally disturbed.
If India were not locked last year, cases would have reached 10 lakhs in the first few months only. Lockdown controlled the death rate of India at that time. Though India’s GDP in 2020 eventually came down to -7.97%.
Unemployment in 2019 was 7.22% whereas, in April in 2020 it was almost triple of that, i.e, 23.52%. People were extremely depressed. Daily wage workers started migrating to their villages from big cities and metropolitan cities. Those who were not able to pay their debts committed suicide.
Farming is the trendiest occupation since then as it is the basic need of people and also the government hasn’t put any lock there.
Anxiety, fear of death, depression, and only tension were the feelings in every age group last year.
While working online people faced problems related to their physical fitness. Eye strain, lack of Vitamin D, knee pain, back pain, etc.
That was the toughest time in this century. People lost their relatives but were not even able to go there to give their deep condolences. Each and everything was online.

If lockdown were not there, unemployment rates would not have risen, and daily wage workers would not have migrated. If lockdown would not have been there, jewellers would not have become vegetable and fruit vendors. If lockdown would not have been there, people would be physically and mentally fit.

Also, there were positive effects of lockdown, but times were tough, and people could not understand those advantages.

In 2020 carbon dioxide emission per capita deteriorated. In 2019 it was 132 million tonnes while in 2020 it was -30 million tonnes. Fresh air and clean water were the improvements due to the lockdown. Besides the air quality, there was improvement in river water quality of Yamuna, Godavari, Cauvery, Krishna, Tapti, and the Brahmaputra which was attributed to minimal industrial effluent discharges due to closure of almost all industries, absence of waste materials, and other garbage due to human activities.
When everyone was locked in one place, families came closer and spent time together. From schools to offices everything was online, and people were in their comfort zones.

If the lockdown were not there, people would not have got relief from that thick layer of air pollution. If lockdown were not there, families would not have come closer. If lockdown weren’t there, little chefs and young artists wouldn’t have got opportunities to showcase their talents.’ Lockdown is lifted, but still precautions required!











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