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Man by nature is a creature eager to taste beauty and there is nothing more beautiful than nature. It is an integral part of mankind. It is one of the greatest blessings for human life. The beauty of nature can have a profound effect upon our senses, those gateways from the outer world to the inner, whether it results in disbelief in its very existence, or feelings such as awe, wonder, or amazement. The nature of man is characterized by its beauty resulting mainly from the wonderful diversity of living organisms that exist in various parts of the earth, as well as the unique terrain of mountains, water, plateaus and forests. Each of these features is distinguished by a special beauty that distinguishes it from other terrain, and this great diversity gave people wide spaces to seek calm and peace.Most often, it seems to me, we find these things to be beautiful not because of something else they might bring us –say, a piece of furniture, but because of the way that the forms of these things immediately strike us upon observation.

In fact, one might even think that this experience of beauty is one of the bases for valuing nature – nature is valuable because it is beautiful. The close observer of nature sees a river in constant flux, even when the river’s water is frozen and everything appears to be static and unchanging for a time. Nature can reveal its beauty in all places and at all times to the eye that knows how to look for it. The beauty of nature is an important source of income for many countries of the world, natural places are a tourist attraction that helps countries to improve their economic level, and thus emerged many of the areas that are famous for their natural beauty unspeakable, the most prominent of these areas: the Amazon River, The Dead Sea, the Jeita Grotto, Mount Teppel, the Puerto Princesa River, the Iguazu Falls, and others.


Humanity has greatly affected the environment since ancient times and continues to do so. Our current global warming emergency can be only slowed and lessened at this late stage by immediately and radically reducing the human-caused burning of fossil fuels using the correct reduction targets and by reducing other critical greenhouse gases like methane from fracking and melting permafrost. We shall continue to try to uncover nature’s secrets, let us also continue to take pleasure in our immediate encounter with her. Let us continue to be awe-struck, like the child on the seashore, or clambering up a tree. Let us hold onto that experience, and fight for the environment that makes it possible, both for the child in each of us, and for those that come after us


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