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India is my biggest love, where people live with unity
The people have big hearts, where resides love and pity.

India is like my mother, where the Himalayas form her crown,
Holy rivers flow here, there are many villages and towns.

Hindus Muslims, Christian Sikhs, may they be black or white;
Diverse people live together, unity lies between them all right.

I wish to worship Mother India, and live in her shadow always,
The people sleep with ease, and happiness is brought by sun rays.

But one morning, we heard, that a virus named COVID had arrived,
We thought it would leave, but it had tightened its roots and survived.

People were dying, getting infected, adversities had come in our way;
But India wouldn’t be scared easily, Corona staying wasn’t okay.

Then some heroes stepped forward, just to keep us secure;
They were Indians for sure, whose hearts were kind and pure.

Many Indians were being a burden, strolling out for fun,
If this would continue, the fight wasn’t yet done.

But our warriors taught us humanity, humanity arose;
Volunteering all around and helping others we chose.

The main limit was crossed, enough of carelessness;
We couldn’t kick the virus out, but we could still bring happiness!

The devil was all over, we Indians united to become one;
We decided to fight it with wisdom and force it to run.

Our great honorable prime minister introduced many rules and laws,
Lockdown was introduced, we were barred to leave without cause.

We salute our PM, and the great warriors who are risking their lives;
India is their priority, they have left their children, husbands, and wives.

Police, doctors, army, are our heroes, Farmers, and press too;
A salute to you idols, for all the heroic volunteering you do.

I am proud to be an Indian, Indians are warm-hearted and tender,
Happy Independence Day to all, India’s a country with splendour.

Now soon the doors will open, the sunshine of happiness will enter
Corona will leave, leaving a COVID- free world at the center!!

Namya Jain
Class:- X – H

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