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International Labour Day

International Labour Day

Andre Gide once said “No Human masterpiece has been created without great labour”. Happiness doesn’t aim any one, what matters is with whom you share it.  May is the month of gaiety, delight and peace. The first day of May we choose to extol and share joviality with those baseline workers whom we catalogue as labourers. We, many of us, consider it as dishonour, disgrace and infamy to even speak to them. We forget that the roofs under which we take shelter is made by these workers only.

Every year International Labours Day is celebrated in many countries on first May across the world, while multiple countries rejoice this day on the first Monday of May. Countries such as U.S.A and Canada cheer this day on the first Monday of September. This day has its origin to the Labour Union Movement in the United States in the 19th century. During that period the industrialists used to exploit the labour class and made them work up to 15 hours a day. This day is now celebrated across eighty countries worldwide to glorify the feats of the workers who don’t seek appreciation. Those workers, who in these difficult times of pandemic even, worked with the hospitals with the sweeping and maintenance which we all tend to avoid. They are continuously working in the factories to fulfil our daily supplies.

Those workers live the most uncertain lives. In the pandemic, we all are working from home but they have no other options than to go out and work day and night to make ends barely meet. When we all had meal tokens, happy time to spend with our families and so much more,these workers had to pace their byways home for miles and miles in the extravagantly tropical summers. But, we as a community of millions of people were merely the spectators of their miseries.Can’t we at least try to lessen their quandaries? We can donate to charity funds, provide food to at least those whom we can. We as a fellowship of diverse souls can spread awareness and contribute our bit to the society. If we all try, we can help those labourers whom the pandemic has hit the most.


“The end of labour is to gain leisure.”

Pranika Pandey

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