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Janmashtami as we all know is a festival celebrated on account of Lord Krishna’s birth. This festival not just signifies Lord Krishna’s birth but also symbolizes the fact that good always triumphs over bad. The birth of Lord Krishna was a positive ray of hope for the people of Vrindavan. The way Krishna lived under the rule of the tyrant Kans is an inspiration to all of us.

Living in this pandemic was just like living in Vrindavan at the time Kans was ruling. Krishna’s birth was a savior for people in Vrindavan but we don’t have Lord Krishna with us here as a savior, instead we have the vaccine as the savior. We must have faith on our savior like the people of Vrindavan had in Krishna. The way Lord Krishna proved himself to the people of Vrindavan was remarkable and the vaccine is doing the same.

I wish had Krishna been here, he would have wiped out terrorism and all other evils from the mother Earth. We should imbibe from Krishna that if you are determined, you can achieve anything. He killed Kans when he was just a boy and he didn’t let his emotions come in the way of killing him. Krishna teaches us if we make a goal, then we can achieve, no matter what happens. Janmashtami is the day we should happily celebrate as someone with infinite good qualities was born on this day.

Aritra Rai
Class:- VI – G
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Ghaziabad

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