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Journey of Language Development from Ages and Meeting the Virtual Challenges Today

Journey of Language Development from Ages and Meeting the Virtual Challenges Today

“The child begins to perceive the world not only through his eyes but also through his language”

Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about. During early childhood, children’s ability to understand, process, and produce language also flourish in an amazing way. Language development supports the ability of a child to communicate, express, and understand feelings. It not only helps them to develop relationships but also writing and reading skills. It also lays the foundation of critical thinking and problem-solving skill. Now the question arises does language development happen automatically? Actually, language development is inherently a process of change. Exploring the multiple and varied trajectories of language can provide us with insights into the development of more general cognitive processes. As we all know that LSRW(listening speaking reading and writing )are the four major skills needed for language development but the process and scientific balance between them play the most crucial role in its success. Thus a properly planned curriculum needs to take these facts into consideration. We can see such a conscious effort at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, where initially a lot of effort is made to develop the listening skills among the children through the dear time, assembly presentations, story sessions, etc. Later on, the school provides children platforms like inter-house, Interschool, debate competition, PBL activities, etc to express themselves. The virtual sessions are made interactive to provide enormous listening and speaking. Through the SEL sessions, children get the opportunity to share their experiences and ambitions. During the sessions of design thinking, children learn to plan and plot their observations, thus unconsciously become active with pen and paper. Writing skills are also being encouraged with different certifications. Thus a concerted effort is being made to articulate futuristic linguists at Seth Ananadram Jaipuria School. Finally, it can be conferred or concluded that language development is a continuous process, but needs to be scientifically planned and organized according to the need of a child, thus, in short, should be child-centric. In this Endeavour let us pledge to make language the strength of each child…….. and bring happiness on each face.

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