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Knowledge Comes from Learning and Wisdom Comes from Experience of Living with with Others

Knowledge Comes from Learning and Wisdom Comes from Experience of Living with with Others

‘PUAAAAAH!’ THE ALPACA WAVES TO YOU! The 2019 World Scholars Cup Global round was held in the capital city of China, Beijing with more than 3000 participants who got Alpacas and Jerry’s which are the mascot of WSC. This was the biggest global round with participants all around the globe having an amalgamation of several cultures and languages. The eight-day trip to Beijing was a magnificent one with a plethora of opportunities to explore. The two-day city-tour gave us a glance of the Chinese history dating back to 5000 BCE. All the students got a glimpse of the Chinese architecture as well. The competition itself gave a chance to all the students to introspect themselves and do a self-analysis of their potentials and capabilities. There were several participants who were awarded with laurels for their exceptional performances in all the arenas.

Apart from the competition, a Scavenge Hunt was organized by the WSC community in which there were students from all the countries in one team and this gave an opportunity to the people to interact with each other and understand the customs of other countries. The dialogue between the students helped them make new friends from all around the globe. WSC aided the students to comprehend the inner abilities and made them experience a new way of life. it gave us a new outlook towards community, communication and many more paradigms. The informal events gave all the participants an opportunity to deepen their friendships with their newly made pals from other countries. It aimed at making an integrated family, a cohesive community with students from all corners of the world. WSC is the perfect example of learning from the visuals, it made us grasp the diplomatic concepts and helped recognize the international relations between the nations. The syllabus of WSC widened our knowledge and made us learn and comprehend the perspective behind the several theories and concepts. The competition enabled the students to chalk out the relation between science and history, between literature and music, thus making us an intellectual being with a sense of relations.

In my opinion, WSC is the best platform to increase the knowledge of a person in all the arenas of life that too in a practical, logical and socially integrating manner. This WSC Global Round 2019 gave me a bag full of memories and it was a new beginning for several friendships as well. Indeed the rooms of the WSC venue, the air of China holds the chatters and reminiscences of several languages and cultures and have given birth to budding lifelong friendships to cherish throughout.


Shelly Dwivedi


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