Letter for Parents

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Letter to Parents for Online Classes

Dear Parents,

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent directives by the State Authorities has lead to the closure of schools and is obstructing the learning of the students. We understand, the massive closures present a daunting challenge for both students and parents, yet we would seek yourcooperationin the wake of this pandemic, to make this time a productive and happy one for our students. We are initiating a process to provide fruitful academic experiences for our children and therefore we plan to go for online teaching.

With so much free time, we believe keeping kids on a routine is important. The school and all the teachers are working hard to give that routine back to students soon through virtual learning and online classes. These next few days will be onerous for our teachers as they are going to be preparing for distance learning though online content,  pre-recorded videos, taking live online classes, preparing worksheets and assignments from home.Thus, soliciting your support, we would request you to make necessary arrangements at home (wi-fi connections, accessibility to laptops or PC’s for students, etc.), so that children can attend the online sessions.

Furthermore,for making this effective we have chalked out a digital plan and a weekly schedule of how the classes will be conducted online. The detailed time table and process of connecting over ZOOM Platform or Microsoft Tools will be made available to you through mail by the VP/ HM. The teachers will be conducting Online Orientations also with parents and students to help you understand the rubrics of virtual learning. The schedule and the invite by the individual subject teachers will be shared/mailed with/to you soon, along with online content (in absence of books)/ videos/ worksheets, presentations assignments etc.

In times of uncertainty we are not sure when we will be able to resume regular classes and also depend on the directives of the government. As this is a new initiative by the School, the Management,  the teachers are trying to ensure that the learning continues. We have new challenges to face as all of us will also be doing it for the first time, so we request to be a part of this journey and support us in this endeavour of ours.

Furthermore, as families across the globe and now in our own districts, are asked to stay home to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, parents of children in all age groups are left with a lot of time each day that could be filled with structured activities.  Make a plan with your children, take breaks from telework or schoolwork to relax and connect with each other. They can gain skill sets from you that they weren’t going to learn in school. We also recommended that parents be selective about what children watch, limit their own technology use and create a space for family members to talk about their worries, as well as study through school online initiatives.

Be Careful! Be Safe! Be Happy! Spend time with your loved ones!