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Math Mart: Learn One, Learn All

Math Mart: Learn One, Learn All

India is a proud nation with a rich history replete with famous personalities and the field of Mathematics is no exception. Great mathematicians like Ramanujan, Aryabhatta, Shakuntala Devi and others have played an integral role in transforming the history of mathematics in India. However, to ignite the young minds for a brighter future, maths ought to be taught in a smarter manner, where it is no longer seen as a monster that terrorizes the students. Research conducted by various agencies depict Maths as a complex subject, leading to higher levels of anxiety amongst students. Thus, to thoroughly understand the diverse nature of the subject, one requires large amounts of patience and persistence.

Here at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, the faculty actively strives to introduce methodologies that simplify the learning process and make the subject an engaging one for the learners. The primary aim of such methodologies is to dismantle the phobia of maths by explaining the practical use of the subject, as well as, through employing the subject in day to day experiences. Academic activities and games are the foundation of the curriculum delivery for primary years.

S.Gudder rightly says, “The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.

To dispense the notion that math is a difficult subject to comprehend, we at Seth Anandram Jaipuria, have organised Math Mart, where students get to take part in role play of the market activity and imbibe the art of negotiation, that would help to broaden their grasp on numbers in a more definitive and realistic manner. This idea is the brain child of our Principal cum Director Mrs. Manju Rana.

Under the able guidance of the teachers, students get to buy commodities such as stationery, eatables, fashion accessories etc. from the wholesale market at a cheaper price and then sell them at a marginally higher cost. Students then put up various stalls to get a hands on experience of marketing and sales, how to maintain customer relations and learn the nuances of purchasing and selling. Not only this, students also learn to advertise their product on sale, by coming up with various attractive schemes.

The funds raised in the Mart are donated to a noble cause, which develops a sense of social responsibility amongst the students. It also brings a sense of satisfaction as it contributes to the holistic growth of a community and improves the overall socio-economic status of the society.

One cannot help but agree, mathematics pervades our life, like the air we breathe and thus the need to develop a mathematical approach towards life should be given utmost importance. It can only happen by making math interactive and interesting from the early stages of a student’s education, which will ultimately yield Success – for the child, the teacher, the institution, and the society.


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