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Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

Middle school is focused on fostering cognitive development, character development, and the creation of lifelong learners who possess the essential 21st-century skills.. The curriculum content in each subject is designed in such a way that it provides space for developing critical thinking among the students. Inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and other trailblazing pedagogical strategies are used, which aid in the development of students’ problem-solving abilities. Classroom sessions encompass fun-filled activities and provide space for collaboration and creativity.

Classes VI-VIII

Regular practical experiments and monthly tasks that go beyond the book are used to supplement classroom instruction. These homework tasks are both informative and effective.

The main subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Hindi, German, Sanskrit, French, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Art, Yoga, Music, Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Pottery, and Physical Education.

There are two terms in one academic session:

Term1 –Periodic Test-I, Internal Assessment-I followed by Term I Examination.
Term2 – Periodic Test-II, Internal Assessment-II followed by Term II Examination.