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Music In Early Years

Music In Early Years

Music affects the child in all the areas of development right from the time he/she is born. Infants move their hands in response to the music whether it is soft, soothing or a lively tune.

Music being the important part of our culture is also an important way of learning in early years of life. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School provides an opportunity to the children in their early years with endless inspiration and pleasure of listening to soothing sounds and expressing themselves on rhythmic harmonies.

Here teacher plays an important role in bringing happiness to the children through music. In early years rhymes are the best medium to respond to music enthusiastically and spontaneously. Teacher makes circle time magical for the students by using music. The younger, the children more movement is required, e.g holding hands and walking in a circle to the beat, moving slowly and quickly to the tempo of the song, refines their gross motor and listening skills.

Musical experience in childhood accelerates creativity, imagination, improves attention, develops kinesthetic, language, socio emotional, fine motor skills and also enhances sensorial skill.

Keeping this in mind at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School music has been introduced in pre-primary curriculum. This initiative of school helps children to experience the happiness and learning that music brings.

Here children are encouraged to sing a song and are also allowed to experiment with the instruments of their level. Pre-Primary children are introduced to the instruments like shakers, swar tarang clapper etc. Learning to play an instrument gives children immense pleasure.

Music and learning are integral to each other. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School enriches the lives of children through music in early years.

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