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My Reflections of The SEL Activity

My Reflections of The SEL Activity

“God always makes miracles, you are among one of them too!”

We, at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara, have various activities on a regular basis. It gives us an opportunity to acquire new skills and follow our passion. These activities allow us to gather learning for a lifetime. I experienced the same today in my SEL activity period. I realized that no matter whether anyone is with you or not, you are always with you, which is more than enough to push you up even from the toughest situations! You will have your haters around you in your life, but you are always the biggest fan of yourself! Self-praise is quite important for a person to have in one’s life. It not only makes you feel special but also makes you better in every aspect! Once you indulge in the talent of reading your own personality book, you will be a mirror to yourself and can analyze things from your perspective. You could describe yourself in the best possible way! Not only this, when you get praised, you try to put more effort into making it the best! It’s common psychology.

While learning about self-confidence, I came up with a question: ‘Can’t this self-praise turn me into getting over-confident?’ And I was amazed to know further that self-awareness is to make you confident when the whole world is demotivating you. Always give a pat to yourself after you do something good! This really helps you to be more confident and stronger in willpower! Never stop your chase for more and always end up finding happiness in small tiny things. They make you feel motivated, inspired, and confident towards your goal!

Drishti Singh
Class:- VII-A
Roll no:-  20

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