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New Initiatives

Lab on wheels

Science is one of the subjects taught to every grade which requires practical knowledge and hands on experience. A new initiative has been taken by the school in this field by introducing “Lab on Wheels” which is a moving science laboratory. It has science kits for students and facilitates the teachers to demonstrate experiments in class. It helps in creating an interesting learning environment for better understanding of the topic.

Reading corridors and DEAR time

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles W. Elio-

Educational reform is in the air and taking root in thousands of classrooms across the country.

Reading is quintessential for any language learner and indispensable for the process of better expression. Adhering to the CBSE guidelines, the school follows ‘Dear Time’ which advises ‘Drop Everything and Read”. ‘Dear time’ is the stipulated time especially to inculcate and develop reading habit among learners within the school hours. Apart from libraries and ‘Dear time’ being followed by every class, ‘Reading Corridors’ have also been created to allow and encourage children to utilize their time constructively and enjoy a dive into the literary world.

Khan Academy

The aim of implementing this programme is to make teaching learning process child centric and to provide opportunities to explore potential at one’s own pace. Assignments based on key concepts are given to the children on regular basis keeping the time flexibility in consideration. Each student is allowed to explore and exercise his potential under the virtual supervision of teachers. Children earn digital badges, which are displayed on their Khan Academy Virtual Profiles. It helps the children gain confidence and clarity.


Microsoft has created a spark in the educational world to develop learning and collaboration among the students. We aim to shift the teacher centric learning to student centric learning for developing 21st century learning skills in the students. Since its inception, the students have been collaborating on Skype with educators from places like Egypt, Xiamen, Argentina and participated in various projects. The online collaborations through Virtual Field trips, talks from Guest speakers, classroom to classroom connections have given an encouraging response from the students. Microsoft tools like Flip Grid and Sway have been incorporated from the current session, in the school assignment, to enhance students’ creativity.


Sports education brings educational principles into the field of sports. EduSports provides a well-structured program which fills the gap between the schools/ parents demands and the children’s interest. It helps the children to be fit and healthy by being a part of the school’s time table. It is a fun way to keep the child’s interest intact and aim towards holistic development. For each standard, different curriculum is made so that it is age appropriate and helps the child to become fitter and healthier. It uses structured physical activity and sports as a pedagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioral skills and physical conditioning in children with periodic assessments.

Project based learning

Project-based learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and acquire a deeper knowledge through engaging projects set around the challenges they may face in the real world. PBL can be used to assess how students apply a variety of academic content in new contexts. In PBL, the role of the teacher shifts from content-deliverer to facilitator/ project manager. Students work more independently through the PBL process, with the teacher providing support only when needed. PBL is a multidisciplinary pedagogical approach that provides meaningful learning opportunities. It helps build 21st-century skills, students need to succeed.

Sangeet for all

Sangeet4all is the first Indian music curriculum with a carefully researched pedagogy, methodology and resources the provide young children with a solid foundation in music. This age-appropriate program is an integral part of school curriculum from Nursery to class II, which provides multi-sensory approach to empower and encourage both children as well as teachers, bringing them closer to their rich cultural heritage and develop love for music. The array of activities with learning outcomes like understanding voice technique and singing; rhythmic sense, listening and responding skills; quick grasp of musical concepts; instrument playing through ‘Swartarang’; musical literacy and confidence of participation on stage; self-esteem and collaboration. Music brings about relaxation, promotes concentration and in turn helps the child to focus and perform better in academics.