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Nothing can Stop Us from Learning

Nothing can Stop Us from Learning

Warm greetings to respective readers!

I am Vanya Jain of class 9th-H. Everyone knows that the world is under the severe situation of pandemic due to novel corona virus. Almost all countries are shut down as the governments have imposed lockdown. Doesn’t it seems as if the world has stopped?Well, you must remember that humans constitute a large number of species on this planet and it seems nearly impossible to stop us from working.

The world is facing infinite number of challenges while dealing this virus. Although curing patients and spreading awareness is helping a lot but many problems or negative impacts of the lock down are being neglected. One of them is education, which is indirectly related to our economy as well. Here, I say that I am proud to be a Jaipurian as our school has taken one of the most appreciable steps to overcome this problem. Virtual classes are being conducted regularly on online platforms with online assessments on schedule dates and the best part is that we get a 20 minutes break after each subject class which helps us to relief our eye stress. Well,I feel glad to share that online classes are improving our ability to learn day by day.Moreover, we, as children, have explored a new way to learn which proves that Nothing can Stop Us from Learning.

 I believe that we will soon see a new sunrise – a rise full of happiness and love.Until then, we will fight by being United and by sharing positivity.

Thank You!!
Vanya Jain
Class – 9H

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