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Outdoor Learning in the Early Years

Outdoor Learning in the Early Years

Play is the beginning of knowledge and it comes naturally to each child. An Outdoor play is an inevitable part and equally important for the holistic development of a child. With the advancement of technology, children have lost their fun and miss the experimental and creative part of learning.

Encouraging children for outdoor play during the early years of development helps them to learn and grow rapidly. It not only makes children energetic, creative and enthusiastic but also provides an opportunity to explore, discover and develop their critical thinking.

Keeping this in mind, at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School we emphasize to work and help children towards gaining an overall development. Various structured outdoor activities like Edu Sports, Adventure Camp, Multi Intelligence Camp, and Sensory Garden along with free play, swings, sand pit, water area etc are organised to cater their academic need as well as to enhance their physical abilities. Each activity is designed and conducted under the supervision of well-trained faculty to ensure a safe and happy environment for children to learn. All the activities are collaborated with the curriculum to help children to learn differently.

Free play is also an excellent way to enhance the social skills of the children. It gives them an opportunity to communicate freely with their peer group .They learn to share and to work in collaboration with team. It also teaches them to remain patient and helps to infuse curiosity to learn with their immediate environment.

It is now time for parents also to participate equally and provide them ample opportunities for the holistic development of their child. They should spend some quality time with them to strengthen their bond and encourage them to explore, experience and enhance their abilities. Together we can help them to grow happily in the lap of nature.


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