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Path to Productivity

Path to Productivity

If I tell you I can make your days longer and you’d be able to finish more work, make more calls, etc., you’d be interested, right?

Of course, you would. Time is important.

The word productivity describes the performance of an individual. As a student, usually, you have very little time to be productive while also focusing on both- your academic and social lives.

So here, I provide you with a few common yet effective tips to increase your productivity


  1. Set goals

A crucial detail in completing more tasks in your daily life is to set goals for the day. This drives you to complete those tasks in less time than you would normally take. You can start by making a small to-do list.

  1. Track your time

It is difficult to have free time if you don’t know how you’re spending it. Tracking your time leads to better time management. By using this method, you’ll minimize time wastage and feel more confident about your study habits. You can start by making a timetable.

  1. Plan ahead

It is effective to plan the upcoming weeks. Remember about family gatherings, vacations, school competitions, and other events, and give yourself time to plan around them. Keep a local calendar.

  1. Take notes

Sometimes, when your mind is overflowing with deadlines and ideas, you cannot work properly. It is essential to keep your mind fresh and therefore, instead of squeezing in every thought, try maintaining a neat notepad to jot down your ideas and creative thoughts.

  1. Take care of yourself

The last and perhaps the most vital tip is to take good care of yourself. We are human beings. We need to sleep, eat, take breaks, and move. You are more likely to get your work done quickly in a better way if you take breaks—even just short ones. Take a walk, stretch your limbs, get a snack.

If you genuinely want to stay focused on a task, know that you will have to make a deliberate and committed effort.

Prisha Rawat
IX – J

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