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Personality Development and Growth

Personality Development and Growth

“We must become the change we want to see.” – A popular yet potent quote by Mahatma Gandhi which asserts that change will not come if we keep waiting for some other time or another person. We are the ones who has to bring change. We have been waiting for the change that we seek in the world. In the wake of Covid-19, the world has been going through a really tough time and I hope that we can fight through this. We have a lot of spare time these days and as I see it, we should utilize this time in personality development.

Let’s talk on the issues how we can develop ourselves. Personality Development helps in gaining confidence, self esteem and has a positive impact on how one sees the world. Students should focus on developing an outgoing and impressive personality. People with a strong personality are often seen as confident, self-aware, optimistic and reliable which makes them distinct from other people and these people usually have a successful professional life. Character, behavior, attitude and environment are some qualities which shape up an individual’s persona. So, in order to have a successful social and professional life, personality development plays a crucial role.

Now, coming on to how a person can improve personally, one should seek to develop and polish one’s leadership skills. People who are strong leaders are not only role models for the people around them but also a great source of motivation. Honesty and truthfulness are really essential for an effective and good personality. The only way you can receive respect and admiration from others is by extending the same towards them. Another important skill for an excellent personality is being a good listener. A person who has good listening skills can learn a lot from their surroundings. If you are being listened to intently, it makes you feel important. You provide the same feeling to other people by being a good listener. We should try to instill this trait in our personality. These are some of the ways you can develop a strong personality and keep growing technically as well as spiritually.

Personality development can have a positive impact on our life and we all can keep improving ourselves by doing our best. During this hard time, we all can keep in mind that there is light despite all the darkness. Life won’t stop. Good times are about to come . Let’s wait and have patience.  A famous quote of a great poet comes to mind at this moment:





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