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People spend their Health chasing after Wealth; and then their Wealth chasing after health.” Many people fail to realise the true worth of a healthy body and mind, mistaking fitness for a hobby rather than a necessary requirement in life.

The best home worth investing in, is the human body and mind, where one resides till his last breath. It therefore becomes immensely important to make fitness an indispensable part of daily routine, especially for students.

The rut of maintaining a good score in academics has resulted in fitness getting overridden by the ever-increasing burden of syllabus and studies. This trade-off between studies and sports is usually tougher to crack than the complex math problems! Instead of viewing both these activities as necessities, sports are viewed as supplementary, which is a false notion. Sports and fitness in a student’s life can prove to be beneficial to their health as well as academic performance.

Taking up any sport inculcates values in a student that cannot be imbibed from any course book; traits like perseverance, team spirit, discipline etc. are learned only through sports. A student who efficiently balances sports with studies, reaps benefits like increased concentration, unfaltering focus etc. which help in gaining good command over subjects. The following are some measures to ensure inculcation of proper physical activities and healthy lifestyle

  • Students should ensure that they undertake at least an hour of physical activity every 2 days like brisk walking, swimming, or any sport of their
  • Activities like yoga and meditation early in the morning can enhance the productivity of a student in the entire
  • A balanced diet should be keenly followed by students of all age groups as it makes the body healthy from
  • During the examinations, when the stress and load is highest it is especially important to keep the mind fresh by short breaks of light

At Seth Anandram Jaipuria school, students get adequate fitness and exposure to various sports. Every week, fixed time is allotted to sports and students get to choose among various sports like basketball, football, badminton, skating, volleyball etc.

Students ardently participate in sports and are given opportunities to represent the school at different levels. The school also organizes inter-school/ inter-house tournaments to keep their sportsman spirit alive. Also in our ambit, have been several players of national and even international standards. This is visible in the students who take physical activities seriously and the sports department present to guide them and develop them through the years they study in the school.

The School also provides opportunities to its students to choose different activity clubs like yoga and meditation, skating, gymnastics, aerobics, chess, badminton, karate, taekwondo, basketball, football etc. and participate in the same with full zeal. Various trips and adventure camps are also organized which includes activities like rock climbing, trekking, rope course etc. All of this, the school ensures, helps pervade into students’ life to make space for that pure and timeless necessity, physical activities.


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