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Quoting the words of Benjamin Franklin, a polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of The United States, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, INVOLVE me and I LEARN” .Such is the approach sought by the teachers nowadays, to provide a positive learning environment for the students.

Firstly what does a learning environment encompass? It refers to diverse physical locations, cultures and context in which students learn. For example, conducting classes in natural ecosystems, grouping of desks in specific way, utilizing audio/video technologies, putting up learning materials on boards, etc all.

encompass a learning environment. Furthermore, the characteristics and qualities of a learning environment are controlled by a wide assortment of components, school strategies, administration structures and a few others ,may likewise be viewed as contributing to a ‘learning environment’.

To make this learning environment into a positive one, it is important that students learn in a classroom that transmits warmth and positivity, promotes harmony and provides an environment of creative thinking and involvement in decision tasks. It all starts with teachers and childcare providers. They remain the most important aspect of creating such an environment. So how to build such a positive space for students:

  • To start with, build a warm and caring relationship with each child and their families. The goal is to understand a child’s development, attitude and communication Take help from them as they know their child best.
  • Plan learning experiences to practice self-regulation in children. Review the curriculum to guarantee that it offers proper social and emotional learning opportunities.
  • Address student needs for security and order, love and belongings, personal power and competence, freedom and novelty. When such needs are taken care of by teachers in class, the students feel happier to be
  • Teach the student to learn from their mistakes, embrace them and grow. Admitting to mistakes and showing vulnerability, helps develop trust faster than any other approach. Students see that you are also a human, thus making you a lot more approachable.

Creating a positive learning environment is at the forefront of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. The motto of the school itself, resonates with the basics of positive learning – EMPOWER, ENTHUSE and EXCEL. The Vision is also focused towards Child Centric Learning. We aim to offer young children a supportive, calm and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning, where they feel safe and secure. They can learn, play and grow together.

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