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Pre-primary Curriculum

Pre-primary School Curriculum

Kindergarten – The Seeds of Learning

Spaces for Excitement

Each element of Seth Anandram Jaipuria school space has a direct and positive impact on the learning process and contributes to the holistic learning of the child. Well-ventilated and colorful classrooms filled with natural light provide space for the learners to move around and enhance learning experiences.

Space for Creators

Day-to-day learning does not have to be only understood from books. Learning Centres have been designed where children explore, discover, share and learn. They lead with their curiosity which helps in developing skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving.

Spaces For Adventures and Joy – Fitness and Sports

To ensure that our children develop a lifelong love for fitness and sports, we intend to make fitness a lifestyle for our young learners. The curriculum has been carefully crafted and delivered in a joyful and stress-free manner by trained coaches.

Spaces For Expressions

An artist is made in little, everyday moments that lead to the big ones. Multiple Intelligence Room sets the atmosphere to nourish budding performers. The experience of learning, working, and speaking in Radio Spark all together adds an element to their personality.

Spaces For Reading- Library

Books are stories we carry within ourselves. A special low designed colourful library is set up for kindergarten to expand a child’s brain ability in multiple ways.

Moving Beyond Rote Learning

The whole spectrum of development from cognitive to emotional to physical is encompassed in the lessons. They imbibe vital skills like decision-making, taking turns, sharing, persistence, creativity. During Circle Time, they learn the all-important abilities of communicating and listening, to both peers and teachers.

Parents as Partners

Parents-as-partners is a philosophy that manifests itself in various active roles that parents play thereby integrating them into all aspects of the curriculum, classroom and beyond. They participate in events and celebrations.