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Renewed Zest To Learn And Teach

Renewed Zest To Learn And Teach

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School…..where excellence is the culture!!!!!

Refusing to be bogged down by the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic, SAJS continues to hone the latent skills of the teachers and thereby keep the passion for teaching alive in its teachers. Undeterred by the limitations and constraints of online teaching, the school is leaving no stone unturned to upgrade the technical as well as tactical excellence of its teacher. Through webinars and conferences, the school is evolving and imparting new techniques to its teachers so that fun-based, action-packed and child-centered teaching goes on in full swing. The school’s stellar leadership organizes regular training programs for the teachers to enhance their efficiency as well as zeal to give their best to the children as well as to draw out the best from the children. The online teaching lessons peppered with numerous online tools, quizzes and concept-based fun activities speak volumes about the school’s commitment towards making learning a wholesome process. In the nutshell, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School is empowering its teachers to further empower its children so that the desired learning outcomes can be achieved and the legacy of wholesome education shall be carried forward even in the turbulent times.
Hats off to the towering leadership of the school Principal!
Kudos to the upbeat teachers!

Priti Aggarwal

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