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Roots: Looking Back To Our Relationship With Nature

Roots: Looking Back To Our Relationship With Nature

A person’s mind is well reflected in his surroundings. And looking at the present condition of the world, the global mindset seems to be in a pretty damaged state. The charts and graphs all around the world, in every country and organisation, are exploding with an enormous rise in the levels of pollution and global warming. But somewhere, it’s not a physical ailment entirely; it’s more of a spiritual and moral deprivation.

A possible reason for this degradation is the turning away from the collectivistic approach. This approach focused on, cherished and honoured the delicate, intricate and truly profound interdependence of all beings on each other, and in the pre-modern times this approach was being practiced all over the globe. Today where sadly, the gentle “eco” has been replaced with the brutal and cut-throat “ego” there has been an indiscriminate exploitation of nature. This transition was also followed by another major change, a lack of compassion and empathy. It is due to this that humans have become indifferent towards the needs and requirements of their fellow humans, not to mention the other species they share the planet with.

Another surprising, and at times sadly humorous fact is the ability to brush off responsibility with great adeptness. Respecting nature and preserving it are the shared responsibility of all of earth’s inhabitants; however, most people shirk it off when the need arises to perform their duty. What is even more interesting is that many such people do complain about others who are not doing their part. Hence, it is also a clear fact that a sense of personal and moral responsibility is lacking.

Humans have been endowed with ambition; however, most have not been able to practice moderation over it. This paired with the severing of the tie with the fact that humans and nature are beautiful creations of the same God and need each other to survive and thrive have led to the present catastrophe which currently has escalated to a very unmanageable scale. Man is said to be made “in the image of god” but apparently all godly attributes have become but matters of philosophical deliberation in today’s age.

These, and many others, are some very serious problems that concern our present and threaten our future. But there is not much time left. Another decade with such rise in temperature and the polar ice caps would be gone. Human society has a lot to learn and even more to forget and let go of. Beginning with one’s own self and surrounding, great change can be brought about with small acts like just being kind and becoming conscious of the impacts of one’s actions. Moreover, the need is to become open, accepting and responsible. A tad bit of love and warmth for oneself and those around, including all of nature, can thaw the ice of decades of neglect and usher in a new, conscious age of collectivistic growth.

For me personally it is a matter of great relief and contentment that I am a part of an institution like Seth Anandram Jaipuria which has always taught us to love nature and seek inspiration from its beauty. It is our heartfelt concern for our mother nature that we work relentlessly for its preservation-Being among 15 Green Schools as per the ranking of CSE (Centre of Science and environment), an active participant of plantation drives,’Rahgiri’ and ‘Kachra Mahotsav’ , speak volumes about our concentrated efforts towards environment. I look forward to many such initiatives at my second home-Seth Anandram Jaipuria School.

Parth Saxena

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