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Skypethon-2k18 on 13th-14th November 2018

Skypethon-2k18 on 13th-14th November 2018

Resource person 1 :Khristine Ramoya from Philippines

Class interacted: Class IX

Topic- Volcanos in Philippines

Learning for students :

An excited and interesting skype meeting with Ms Khritine Ramoya  and her colleague in Phillippines. They discussed the ICT tools their students use in their school for learning. The students discussed the history and facts about volcanoes in Philippines.

Teacher in charges:

Rashmi Rai

Kanta Bhattacharjee


Resource Person 2:   Guldana Imankenova from Kazakhstan

Class interacted:  Class IX

Topic:  Develop English skills: Learning about other’s culture, opinions and ideas

Date:  November 16, 2018

Activity description: It was a very exciting session with Ms. Guldana and her students from Nazarbayev Intellectual School, West Kazakhstan. The students were very amiable. The students discussed a lot about their culture and ours as well. They seemed very excited about Indian Film Industry-Bollywood. The students sang some traditional songs. Culture and custom was a part of discussion between both the groups. Religious equality, climate, food habits, Apple Festival, Q- Pop were some other ideas that were shared.

Later on information about the English curriculum was exchanged. Students of Ms Guldana expressed their liking for debates and discussions. Poems were recited from both sides. Both the groups were enthusiastic to communicate with each other.

Teachers in charge: 

Ms. Divya Lama

Ms. Himani Mehta

Students of class 11 and 12 (PCB,Medical)interacted with Mr Devesh Shukla. Mr.Shukla have been dealing with molecular aspects of plant interactions with metals and surrounding environment since 2005 and worked  on phytoremediation of heavy metals. Mr Shukla joined department of biology, Western Kentucky University in Aug 2013, as a Post Doctoral Fellow and investigating excess phosphate response (EPR) in plants. Students had an enriching session.


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