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Teacher’s Tips to Score 100 Percent in CBSE Class 12 Political Science Board Exam 2022

Teacher’s Tips to Score 100 Percent in CBSE Class 12 Political Science Board Exam 2022

CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Political Board Exam 2022: The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, will conduct the Class 12 Political Science board exam on May 24, 2022. The subject deals with political systems and laws. With less than a month left, students are invested in preparing for the board exam, along with other board exams. Therefore, at this point, some expert tips from the teachers will be very beneficial for the students.

Constructive learning, dedication, and proper guidance are vital to good preparation and thorough revision. It is not difficult to excel in this subject if students consider following preparation tips diligently to score 100% in the Political Science board exam:


  • New Centres of Power carry enough weightage and require students to be aware of the specific countries and their history of growth for better understanding. Try to relate and comprehend the ideas behind each concept. To cover the important points, read the NCERT thoroughly.
  • South Asia and the Contemporary World consist of numerous facts and happenings that need to be memorized effectively and should be at your fingertips.
  • Globalisation deals with familiar topics. The previous year’s question papers proved effective for this topic. For faster completion of the chapter, go through the questions given in the NCERT.


  • Parties and the Party Systems in India require students to have a basic understanding of the current political scenario and Indian political parties. Students should also know the history of party systems.
  • Democratic Resurgence deals with the democratic movements and revolutions of India. Memorize the crucial names of the pioneers and the movements they initiated. Connect the years and create flow charts/mind maps for remembering the dates and events.
  • Indian Politics: Trends and Developments: Must have prior knowledge of Indian Politics and the revolutions. Connect the dots i.e. try to write a few lines about the points you have prior knowledge of and which are not mentioned in your textbooks. This will impress the examiner and there are chances of scoring higher points.

Keep reading the NCERT Book. A very careful reading of the objectives listed in the beginning will help to frame the core 4-6 mark questions (long answer type). Each chapter has important events, personalities, leaders, brief concepts, their definition, timeline, causes, consequences, etc. used for framing very short answer type questions. Thus, while reading or revising make a flow chart of the respective content in the book.

Prepare answers:

  • Always begin the answers by writing an introduction. After that, in the main part, preferably write point-wise answers. This will create a good impression.
  • Keep word and time limit in mind.
  • Practice, practice & practice – lots of previous year’s mock papers & sample papers. This could act as a useful resource to realize the paper pattern & also the questions which are often asked.
  • Respect the reading time of 15 minutes & divide the writing hours carefully.
  • Do write the answer with a heading or highlight them & then elaborate.
  • Ensure the last 10 minutes to review the answer sheets after finishing the paper

Above all, be confident. Sleep properly, have a healthy diet, and maintain your fitness.

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