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The Beauty of Evolution – The Epoch

The Beauty of Evolution – The Epoch

With time, everything in this universe observes a change and here lies the beauty of this creation. Every phase of evolution inevitably leads to a form which is best suited to its era and the needs of the society. It is the grandeur of this peregrination, which was captured in the Annual exhibition ‘The Epoch’ displayed in the premises of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on its 14th Founder’s Day.

As far as the eye could see,the glimpses of history passed by, as if beckoning to us to stop for a while and listen to its tale. Stepping into the arena of the exhibit was next to being in a paradise with each corner embellished with the exquisite pieces of art works and 3D models made by the young Jaipurians, depicting the phases of evolution in different fields.

One could just gape in awe at the magnificent display of the gradual transition that took place in our education system, architecture, and medicine starting from the Ancient to medieval and the Modern times. It was a beautiful spectacle of Gurukul system that prevailed in the ancient times to the madrasas, literary work of the Mughals, advent of the universities and libraries in the medieval era. The modern era showcased the education system digitalized by technology.

The story of evolution of the Print inour country was fascinatingly recounted through the 3D replicas. Dating back to Chinese Accordion book to Japanese Diamond Sutra, to the first Press-Guttenburg Press and later cylindrical press and finally to Modern 3D printer, every stage had a novel chronicle to narrate. The forms of recording information too witnessed a gradual changeover from clay tablets to begin with to parchments to paper and now kindles and the journey was intriguing.

The unveiling of Timeless clocks at different phases of history was breathtaking. If the Sun Dial, Candle clock, Sand clock , Water clock took us to the vintage era, the Pendulum, Hair Spring and Clock Tower brought out the epoch of our grandpa alive. The use of Quartz, Digital and Smart Clock is a testimony to the development that has taken place with time.

‘Rigvedic Kaal’ wasexhibited with all its grandeur. Four Vedas- Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda and Sama Veda, along with Upanishads, Aranyaks, and Brahmanas were as beautifully delineated as their essence is. Its survival in the contemporary times in the form of ‘suktis’ used in the Government agencies like Supreme Court and DSDO’s office manifests its perpetuity.The depiction subtly removes the misconception about its creation by Lord Brahma and gives the credit to the saintly Rishis.

If on one side there wasa portrayal of developmental work in Germany before and after the appearance of Hitler on the scene, on the other hand the stark transformation between ancient and modern Paris was vividly brought out through 3-D prototypes.

‘A circus Corner’ with a display of the creative work of our tiny tots and the ISA projects based on the topics- 3D musical instruments, flora and fauna of the deserts, ways of survival on the earth, delectable delicacies around the world,added vibrancy to the exhibit.

Work by the Robotics club with its technology driven automated products like Self-Cleaning robot, Hovercraft, Pot-Filling robot and Defense archives was stunning. The innovation found its way through the Atal Tinkering Lab as well. Out of the box ideas saw themselves materialized in the form of Smart trolley, First Aid Vending machine, Automated Notebook Submission machine, Mobile Power Bank using recycled laptop batteries, Lane following robots using technologies like Lego and Arduino.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School takes pride in the diligence, imagination, assiduous planning and painstaking efforts of our young Jaipurians ,which culminated in the success of the exhibition ‘The Epoch’ to be chronicled in golden letters in the archives of Jaipuria.

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