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The Cultural Extravaganza

The Cultural Extravaganza

“Develop a passion for learning

If you do, you will never cease to grow”.

The gradiency of the colour palette of cultures in India is one of the most mesmerizing things one can see and feel. Spanning across miles and miles of various languages, religions, local traditions and what not, India truly holds the spirit of secularism. The undying strength of unity rises to its peak in India and all these factors lead to perfect learning environment found nowhere else in this vast world known or unknown. There is hardly any nation in the world that is as diverse as India.Keeping up with this magnificent and unique nature of our nation, class III students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School were inspired and organized a heart-warming event to convey their excitement and pride showcasing the culture of various states such as Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Kerala,  Assam, West Bengal etc.

The spirit behind this delightful event was to make children aware about the richness of their country and be the upcoming generation who instead of looking for a positive change, be one.

An unforgettable experience was cherished through power point presentations, dance, music, role play etc., learning with full zeal and vigour was a wonderful sight to be amazed at. The colourful costumes and decor added another star on the occasion.

Besides so many wondrous factors to make this event one of its kind, nothing would top the participation of parents not as an audience but as leaders of various activities setting an example for the little engines to learn. Parents participated to present puppet shows, PPT presentations, cuisine making, game shows, mehndi application etc.  The event was enriching for the children as they learnt skills like unity in diversity, event management, teamwork, being confident, working to perfection and many other aspects.  

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School strives to provide children opportunities through a variety of activities, with a vision, which broadens their thinking capacities, making them search new fields, exploring unexplored horizons, making them aware of different cultures and teaching them how to accept everyone no matter what religion, caste or culture they belong to. They realise the importance of being together, being united, being aware of what it takes to be that change we want to see. It is rightly said that ‘You grow through, what you go through.’

The event successfully made a deep impact in the hearts of children making  them realise the value of social skills and participation in things without any prize. This defines the motto of our prestigious school, making these young prodigies the effective change agents.


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